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How Does the Grace Qnique 19 Compare with the Qnique 15R and 15PRO?

A frequent question I'm asked is how the Grace Qnique 19 longarm compares with the Qnique 15R and 15PRO. Learn which longarm is best in this video:

Quick links to the Grace Qnique Longarms I'm comparing:

Qnique 19

Qnique 15Pro

Qnique 15R

My Longarm and Frame

Check out the beautiful chart comparing these different longarms:

Qnique 19 Longarm Comparison Chart

Speed - With sewing machines and longarms, speed is recorded with SPM - Stitches Per Minute.

As you can see from the chart above, these longarms are very similar on speed. If you want a seriously fast longarm, make sure to check out the Qnique 21 PRO!

Monitor - The monitor gives you control over the machine to select your stitch regulator type (Cruise or Precise) and the stitch length (I like 16 stitches per inch). 

The Qnique 19 and 15 PRO both come with touchscreen monitors that are easier to navigate and select your stitches than the Qnique 15R.

The 15R and 21 I'm using don't have a touchscreen. Instead I use the buttons on the handlebars of my longarm to navigate through the menus. I have heard from a few quilters that find this challenging.

So if you want the easiest way to select your stitches, definitely pick between the Qnique 19 and 15PRO.

Yes, Size is Everything with Longarm Quilting

Many quilters have emailed me and say something like:

"What is the difference between the Qnique 19 and 15,
except that it's bigger?"

I find this funny because with longarm quilting SIZE IS EVERYTHING!

That four inches of difference between the Qnique 19 and Qnique 15 longarms is the difference between barely being able to quilt a 10 inch block and being able to easily quilt a 14 inch block.

If your goal is to quilt fast, you'll want to quilt the largest chunk of your quilt possible before you have to advance the quilt through the frame.

Click Here to see how I advance the quilt on the Continuum Frame.

Click Here to see how advances work on the Hoop Frame.

See all that time spent fiddling with the quilt?

Hoop Frames especially take a chunk of time to get the quilt situated and clamped.

This is why you should get a Continuum / Rolling Rail frame if you are quilting for speed. Not only do you layer / baste your quilt on the frame, all advances are faster too. This is the difference between finishing a quilt in a day verses finishing a quilt in a week!

This is also the difference between quilting our most popular size of quilt blocks - 12 inches - in one pass.

With a Qnique 15R / 15PRO, you'll have to split your design in half when quilting across any block bigger than 9 1/2 inches.

With a Qnique 19, you can center and quilt a pretty design over the entire 12 inch block. This is really fun, especially if you've attached quilt automation to your frame and can center one of our cute block designs over the patchwork.

Quilt Automation QCT Feather Wreath

This not only looks great, it gets more of your quilt quilted and done in one pass!

So which Grace Qnique longarm is best for you?

It really depends on your goals and what you want to do with quilting. Take some time to consider this and what you want to do most with your craft.

If you want to quilt faster and finish more quilts in less time, understand that bigger is much better. Go with the biggest longarm you can afford on a Continuum / Rolling Rail style frame.

If speed doesn't really matter to you, you mostly make small quilts with small blocks, then a Qnique 15R will be a perfect fit.

Check out all of these longarms and read more about them by clicking the links below:

Qnique 19

Qnique 15Pro

Qnique 15R

My Longarm and Frame

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