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Sneak Peek Inside Mally the Maker and the Queen in the Quilt

Hello My Quilting Friends! This week I'm sharing a sneak peek inside the book Mally the Maker and the Queen in the quilt and reading a bit of the book for you. I love narrating this and hope you enjoy listening while you quilt!

If you'd rather just listen or download this episode to your computer, you can use this player:

Listen to Mally the Maker and the Queen in the QuiltClick Here to preorder your copy of Mally the Maker! 

If you've been following along with the podcast, you'll have heard little updates about this book for the past year. I set aside an hour of time to write every morning and loved the process of creating this magical world of Quilst every morning.

Yes, I have already started writing Book 2 and hope to have the rough draft finished by Christmas so the next installment of this quilt fantasy series will be out in 2019. 

I've also designed a pattern for the Ms. Bunny doll you saw in this podcast. Ms. Bunny is a major character from the book and her pattern comes with complete instructions and full sized pattern pieces for the doll, her pretty pink dress, and basic panties. Click Here to preorder your Ms. Bunny sewing pattern.

Ms. Bunny doll sewing patter | rabbit doll sewing pattern

I hope you enjoyed hearing Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2 in this podcast. Would you like an audiobook edition of this book? Share your thoughts about that in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


I was surprised and pleased to hear you read your very well written book. You are a great reader. Thanks for sharing. You got me hooked.

Judith K Clarke,

Hi Jacqueline – This is definitely a quilt fantasy story, but there are definitely elements I pulled from my own life. Depression, sibling rivalry, feeling lost and sad – those are all real struggles that kids go through and definitely things I struggled with at Mally’s age. She goes through a really fun adventure in this book and comes out very different in the end, as she will with each book.

Leah Day,

I was quite impressed with your book. Is this a story of what happened to you?


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