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Quilting the Background of the Leaf Peepers Quilt

Hello my Leaf Peeping Friends! It's the final week of this quilt along and I quilting the background with more ruler foot quilting and Sharp Stippling. Learn how to knock out the background of your quilt quickly and easily in this new quilting tutorial:

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Leaf Peepers Fabric Bundle

Sheri is quilting her 4th leaf block this week. Click Here to find her latest walking foot quilting tutorial.

Breaking Up the Background with Simple Straight Line Quilting

When quilting the background of any quilt, the #1 thing to understand is just how much space this can cover. Backgrounds are HUGE. This means if you only pick one design, it may take a lot of time to quilt the entire background area.

Leaf Peepers autumn quilt table runner

My favorite way to quilt the background of any quilt is to break up the space into smaller sections. I did this on the Leaf Peepers Quilt by quilting straight lines running horizontally across the blocks and gently curving lines running vertically down the background of the quilt.

By breaking up the background space into smaller sections, I reduced the amount of space I had to fill in the background, and I made the quilt more interesting.

Eversewn sparrow sewing machine

Yes, I could have just quilted Sharp Stippling over the entire background area and that would have been a great choice too. But by adding the straight and curvy lines, I made this area more interesting and dynamic and I love the finished effect.

Background quilting

After quilting the straight and curving lines, I switched to Pumpkin Isacord thread and quilted all the open spaces with Sharp Stippling to give the quilt a beautiful flowing texture that's perfect for the fall. Make sure to check out my other tutorial on how to quilt Sharp Stippling and Paisley Shortcut here.

Would you like to see another take on quilting this quilt? Make sure to check out Sheri's tutorial on quilting block #4 with walking foot quilting!

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