9 Piece Foot Set for Grace Qnique Longarms


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A whopping 9-piece attachment set for Grace Qnique 14+ / 15 machines

This set of 9 hopping foot attachments is for both the Q'nqiue 15 and 14+ (does not fit the Qnique 21). Attach one of these tools to the included hopping foot to create amazing quilting designs. Included in each kit is a set of couching feet for yarn, a glide-foot for easier free-motion quilting, a set of echoing feet, and different feet to use with rulers.

Take a look at this cool couching you can produce with this set!

Couching foot

Package Includes

  • 3 couching feet for yarns of different thicknesses
  • Large, medium, and small echo-feet
  • Glide foot for easy free motion quilting
  • Square ruler foot for straight lines
  • Diamond ruler foot for 45 degree angles

Please allow 3-4 days for your foot set to ship out. This item will ship separately from other items from our store.

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