Free Motion Couching with the Super Slide Ruler

It's time to jump back on the longarm quilting frame and try something new this week! I’m experimenting with a new foot set and trying out free motion couching on my Grace Qnique and using the Super Slide Ruler to guide my stitches to. Check it out in this new quilting tutorial:

Quick links to the tools and supplies shown in this quilting video:


Super Slide Ruler


9 Piece Longarm Foot Set


Isacord Thread


Hide Your Threads Kit

Quilting with a Couching Foot

I’m having a blast playing with the attachments in Grace’s new foot collection! The different bases snap around the metal foot and allow you to do different things. I’m playing with the couching foot base with the smallest hole in the center in this tutorial, and worsted weight yarn that was dyed a variety of variegated colors.

Couching on the grace qnique

The first few lines of stitching felt very easy because I was stitching in the direction of the wire guide on the foot. The yarn fed easily into the circular base and so long as it didn't get stretched tight the needle would usually pierce through the middle of the yarn, locking it securely in place.

When quilting in the other direction I found it helpful to slip the yarn out of the wire guide on the foot so it could more easily be stitched to the quilt surface without twisting.

Couching foot

It might not look like this foot base is thick enough to do ruler foot quilting. At least that's what I first thought when I saw it. But after playing with them a bit, I realized they are definitely thick enough to use with rulers.

I think free motion couching is especially beautiful with the Super Slide Ruler. I can’t get enough of this deep curving texture and the soft feel of the yarn on the quilt.

Of course you can quilt a lot more designs with both free motion couching and the Super Slide ruler, but I decided to keep things simple using these two techniques together to just get the hang of moving the machine and managing the yarn.

couching and hopping foot set

I hope you will give the super slide ruler a try and check out the 9 Piece Foot Set for Grace Qnique machines as well!

Note: this foot set is only compatible with Grace Q’nique 14+ and 15 machines.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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