9 Piece Foot Set for Grace Qnique Longarms

Grace Company

$ 149.95 

A whopping 9-piece attachment set for Grace Qnique 15 machines

This set of 9 hopping foot attachments is for both the Q'nqiue 15 (does not fit the Qnique 21). Attach one of these tools to the included hopping foot to create amazing quilting designs. Included in each kit is a set of couching feet for yarn, a glide-foot for easier free-motion quilting, a set of echoing feet, and different feet to use with rulers.

Take a look at this cool couching you can produce with this set!

Couching foot

Package Includes

  • 3 couching feet for yarns of different thicknesses
  • Large, medium, and small echo-feet
  • Glide foot for easy free motion quilting
  • Square ruler foot for straight lines
  • Diamond ruler foot for 45 degree angles

Please allow 3-4 days for your foot set to ship out. This item will ship separately from other items from our store.

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