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Dresden Ring within a Ring Quilt Block Tutorial #2

We're stitching our Dresden Rings up a notch by piecing a Dresden Ring within a Ring in this patchwork quilt block tutorial:

Check out the tools and supplies I use to make Dresden Plate quilt blocks and these Dresden Rings: 

Preparation to Piece Dresden Ring within a Ring

To make both 8 petal Dresden Rings, you’ll need the following materials:

Dresden Ring in a Ring Fabric Cutting

Now follow along with the video cut out your petal shapes. You will need 4 petals from each fabric strip and it’s VERY important to cut using the correct edge of Dresden Template #1.

How to Prepare All Petals

All of the petals for this Dresden Ring within a Ring are made the same way:

Dresden Ring in a Ring Quilt Block #2 Tutorial

Fold the petals in half, right sides together, and stitch along the short straight edge. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam to reduce fraying. Follow along with the video to see how I trim and turn the petals, and press them flat so they are symmetrical.

To finish the inner edge, fold the bottom edge of the petals up 1/4 inch and press.

How to Piece a Dresden Ring in a Ring - Block #2

This Dresden Ring is pieced together in sets of 2 petals. KEY! You MUST align and begin piecing from the inner edge of the petals.

Align the bottom, folded edge of the petal and stitch to the pointy edge. This will ensure the mini ring fits together perfectly. The outer, pointy edges will not line up because they are different heights, but if you piece from the inside edge, the ring will fit together perfectly.

How to Piece a Dresden Ring in a Ring

How to Secure Your Dresden Rings

Fold your background fabric square in half and press to create crease lines running through the center in both directions. Center the larger Dresden Ring on the fabric with the points of the petals aligned with the crease lines. Using a Microtip Bottle, glue the points and the inner folded edges of the ring in place and press with a hot, dry iron to heat set the glue.

Place the mini ring inside the bigger ring. Align the points with the crease lines on the background fabric too. The bigger petals of the mini ring (blue) should just hit the inner edge of the outer ring.

Dresden Ring in a Ring Quilt Block Tutorial

Finish the Dresden Ring with a bit of stitching around the inner and outer edges. I like to use a straight stitch, 1/8 inch away from either the raw or folded edge of the fabric. I’ve decided to use white thread throughout to make securing the 1930s fabrics down quick and easy.

I hope you've enjoyed learning how to piece a Dresden Ring within a Ring quilt block with me today. This really was a two-for-one because you can create both of these blocks separately as well.

Yes, you can join in the fun and begin making these blocks with me anytime. All you'll need is a new Dresden Template Set.

Let’s go Quilt,

Leah Day

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