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Janome 1600 Home Sewing Machine Tutorials

Learn more about the Janome 1600 home sewing machine in this series of informative quilting videos! Learn what comes with the machine and how to wind bobbins and take your first stitches.

Explore all the creative possibilities for this high speed, single stitch machine with videos on quilt piecing, free motion quilting, ruler quilting, walking foot quilting, and quilting on a Hoop Frame.

Unboxing, Threading, and First Stitches on the Janome 1600

I love unboxing new machines and learning more about all the feet and features that come with them. In this unboxing video you'll learn what comes in the Janome 1600 box, how to wind a bobbin, and how to thread the machine and begin sewing.

Master Using the Janome 1600 Needle Threader

The needle threader on the Janome 1600 is a little tricky to use because the needle is facing a different way from usual (the eye of the needle faces the left side of the machine). This video will show you two different angles so you can see exactly how this needle threader works.

How to Clean and Oil Your Janome 1600 Home Sewing Machine

Machine maintenance is the key to beautiful stitches! Learn how to brush out the bobbin case and where to apply oil to the Janome 1600.

Click Here to find the Microtip Bottles from this video

How to Piece Quilt Blocks Accurately

In order to piece quilt blocks accurately, you'll need a special patchwork foot. I tested several and share my favorite in this video as well as many tips for piecing every seam in your quilt blocks perfectly.

Free Motion Quilting on the Janome 1600p

This high speed machine is terrific at free motion quilting, but you will need a darning foot in order to do this technique. Learn more about my all-time favorite darning foot and how to change bases for different styles of quilting.

Ruler Quilting on a Janome 1600 Home Sewing Machine

Ruler quilting simply requires an extra base you can attach to the Janome Convertible Darning Foot. You'll need to use the thicker 1/4-inch longarm rulers when ruler quilting on this machine.

Try Walking Foot Quilting on Your Home Machine

The Janome 1600 walking foot is one of the most expensive feet you can add to the machine, but if you really love the control and simplicity of walking foot quilting, it's worth it!

Begin Quilting on a Hoop Frame

You can move your home machine to a hoop frame and quilt with the machine moving instead of the quilt! Learn how this works and many tips on creating pretty stitches and balanced tension.

Click Here to learn more about the Q-Zone Hoop Frame.

Replace Your Foot Pedal with a Speed Controller

See how you can replace your foot pedal with a simple device called a Speed Controller when quilting on a Hoop Frame.

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How to Attach a Sure Stitch Regulator

A Sure Stitch Regulator goes one step further than the Speed Controller and ensures all your stitches are the same size. It's a bit more complex to attach to your frame, but definitely worth it!

Click Here to learn more about the Sure Stitch Regulator

How to Quilt Feathers on the Hoop Frame

I had a few more feathers to quilt on my Dream Big quilt panel and decided to finish them on the Hoop Frame. This required loading the frame in a creative way and figuring out the right angle to quilt the feathers within the petals using my home machine.

Click Here to find the Feather Ruler I used in this video.

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