Grip and Stitch Quilting Discs

$ 24.99 $ 29.99

Grip and Stitch Quilting DiscsGet a better grip on your quilts with a set of Grip and Stitch quilting discs!

These foam discs grip the surface of your quilt allowing you to move it in all directions smoothly and with less strain and pressure on your fingers. If you've been struggling with quilting gloves, or you just don't like the idea of wearing gloves to quilt, these Grip and Stitch quilting discs are a great alternative.

Quilting Directions - each pack of Grip and Stitch discs contains one larger disc and one smaller disc. Experiment by placing the smaller disc in your dominant hand and the larger disc in your non-dominant hand and position your hands around 2-3 inches away from the sewing machine needle.

Press down on the Grip and Stitch quilting discs and begin moving the quilt. The black foam will grip the quilt surface allowing you to move the quilt smoothly in all directions.

Special Note from Leah - I've used quilting gloves for years and loved the way they gripped the quilt and allowed me to have wonderful control over the movement. When I started teaching Dad how to quilt, however, the gloves just couldn't work for him.

Dad has arthritis in his hands and after a few hours of quilting with gloves on, his fingers would be painfully cramping from the pressure of pressing down and moving the quilt.

We decided to try a lot of different grippy alternatives and these Grip and Stitch quilting discs were the winner. Dad could grip the quilt and move it smoothly under the needle while machine quilting, but keep the pressure off his fingers. He's able to quilt for hours at a time, and produce beautiful quilting designs without hurting his hands.