Janome 1600P Sewing Machine


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Terrific Sewing Machine for Piecing, Quilting, and High Speed sewing!

The Janome 1600P home sewing machine features high speeds, a perfect straight stitch, and a comfortable 9 inch harp space. Learn more about this machine in this unboxing video:

This high speed machine is ideal for speedy sewing, but I think it's best suited for machine quilting on a quilt frame like the Q-Zone Hoop Frame. Check out how this works in this video:

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What comes in the box with the Janome 1600?

Here’s a detailed list of everything included in the box:

  • Janome 1600P sewing machine
  • Electric cord and Foot Pedal
  • 5 metal bobbins and bobbin case
  • Seam Guide
  • 2 Presser Feet
  • 2 Screwdrivers
  • Thread net
  • Bottle of Sewing Machine Oil
  • Cleaning Brush
  • 2 spool caps
  • Knee Lifter
  • Accessory Box
  • Sewing Needles
  • White and Black Machine Cover

Janome 1600 Home Sewing Machine for Sale

Note – ALWAYS KEEP YOUR SEWING MACHINE BOX AND STYROFOAM! If you ever need to ship the machine back for repairs, or if you ever decide to sell your machine online, it’s always easier to pack it up and ship it in the original box.

Presser Feet Included with the Janome 1600 Sewing Machine

Standard Straight Stitch Foot – this is a standard straight stitch presser foot with very narrow sides. This is the perfect foot for sewing and when used in combination with the seam gauge, you can sew any width of seam easily on this machine.

Rolled Hem Foot – this foot is designed to roll the edge of the fabric over and stitch to create a delicate finished edge on a single layer of fabric. I would use a foot like this to create a narrow hem on a flouncy dress or skirt. I’ve also used this type of foot to hem table napkins too.

Expand Your Quilting Abilities with More Presser Feet!

Check out the extra presser feet compatible with your Janome 1600 to help you piece, free motion quilt, and ruler quilt in style:

 Janome 1600 Patchwork Foot

Janome 1600 Walking Foot

Janome Convertible Darning Foot

Janome 1600 Ruler and Frame Bases

Janome 1600 Home Sewing Machine

Fun Features on the Janome 1600P Sewing Machine

Here’s a few of my favorite features on the Janome 1600:

Knee Lifter – This bar inserts into the front of the machine and allows you to lift the presser foot with your knee. You won’t have to take your hands off your project to lift the bar at the back of the machine. Instead just nudge the knee lifter and keep your hands on your fabrics.

Built-in Spool Stand – I LOVE this feature! I use Isacord and Aurifil thread and both feed better when pulled vertically off the spool and into the machine. Having this built into the machine saves space on your sewing table and will result in fewer thread breaks overall.

Needle Up / Down – This button on the front of the machine will quickly lift or drop your needle and then the needle will always end either up or down. This is essential for machine quilting so every time you stop, the needle ends in the down position and locks the quilt in place.

11 Pounds of Pressure Dial – There’s a dial on the top of the machine that will control the pressure applied with your presser foot. The Janome 1600P can put up to 11 pounds of pressure down on your project. This definitely isn’t something you’ll need every day, but will come in very useful when sewing thick, bulky, or slippery materials.

Needle Threader – Quickly get your needle threaded so you can start sewing.

Thread Cutter – This thread cutter cuts both the top and bobbin thread at once. If you use this feature while quilting, first lift your presser foot, slide the project away, then hit the thread cutter to leave nice long thread tails.

Whew! That is a lot of features packed into one very simple, streamlined machine. Remember, the Janome 1600 is a lockstitch machine. This means you can only select the stitch length because you can only stitch a straight line. There is no zigzag or decorative stitches of any kind.

But what you lose in fancy stitches, you gain in speed! This machine is capable of stitching 1600 stitches per minute, which will be really useful if you ever decide to put this machine on a quilting frame or sew garments professionally.

    Janome 1600 PQC

    Learn more about the Janome 1600P-QC

    Height: 19 1/2 inches

    Length: 12 3/4 inches

    Depth: 7 inches

    Harp Space (distance between the motor and the needle): 9 x 6 inches

    Stitches Per Minute - 1600

    Weight: 32 pounds

    Needles: Any flat back home sewing machine needles will work, but HL x 5 needles are best when using the Janome 1600 at high speed.

    The Janome 1600 is a straight stitch only machine. The needle can only move up and down, not side to side. This means this machine does not have any decorative or utility stitches.

    The benefit to a straight stitch machine is the precision of the needle placement. With the needle locked in one position, the machine can safely reach very high speeds to sew and quilt with precision.

    Click Here to download the Janome 1600P machine manual.

    How do you take care of this machine?

    Learn how to take the best care of your Janome 1600 in this video:

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    Your Janome Warranty

    Once you receive your machine, please Click Here to register your machine with Janome America.

    If purchase your machine from LeahDay.com and run into any issues, please contact us immediately. Leah Day can help you troubleshoot tension issues, thread breaks, skipping stitches and more.

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    What if my machine breaks?

    If any parts on your machine breaks, we will fix that as well! Make sure to keep your original sewing machine box and the styrofoam inserts so you can pack your machine and return it to us for repairs.