Pantograph Quilting Guidebook DOWNLOAD

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Learn how to quilt Leah's Mix n' Match Pantographs on your longarm AND home sewing machine!

New and updated for 2021, Leah's Pantograph Quilting Guidebook is back and updated with a wealth of information on how to quilt with pantograph designs.

  • Learn how to place the designs on your quilting frame correctly so you don't run out of space by the end of your quilt.

  • See how to advance the design perfectly using Leah's color-coded system. This ensures your pantograph rows will be evenly spaced throughout your quilts.

  • Find separate instructions for Rolling Rail Frames like the Continuum II and Hoop Frames. These frames are very different so quilting pantographs is a bit different depending on the frame you're using.

This 21 page guideook will walk you through the basics of pantograph quilting and help you avoid common pitfalls that I fell into myself.

Pantograph Quilting Guidebook

Learn how to begin with a partial row, how to keep the rows straight on your frame, and the maximum sized pantograph you should quilt on your home machine or longarm.

Pantograph Quilting Guidebook

This is a PDF downloadable guidebook which means you will be able to immediately download and print the instructions on your computer.

Simply click the link after completing your order to download your guide and print out the pages on your home printer. For best results, you do need a color printer.

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Check out Leah's Mix n' Match Pantograph Designs!

Pantograph Quilting Guidebook

After teaching pantograph quilting for a few years, I found the greatest confusion surrounded which size of design you could quilt on a particular machine.

I also found most quilters struggled to find the right size of design to best use their quilting space.

The solution is Mix n' Match Pantographs!

Each of our new downloadable pantograph designs comes in two sizes. This allows you to print and tape together a single row for home machines and small longarms.

The smaller sized design will fit home machines with a 9 inch harp space or larger. 

But if you have a big machine, you want to maximize that quilting space! Mix n' Match Pantographs are designed so you can tape multiple rows together to create a unique design for your quilt!

Click Here to check out Leah's Mix n' Match Pantographs!

What do I need to quilt pantographs on a Grace Qnique longarm?

You will need Rear Handlebars to fit your longarm machine, a Qnique Laser light, and pantographs to follow!

Qnique Longarm Machine

What do I need to quilt Pantographs on a Home Machine?

You will need your machine mounted on a frame and a Gracie Laser Light and pantographs to follow!

The home machine carriage on our Hoop Frames or Continuum II Frame have rear handlebars already included.