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Beginner Quilting Loops and Seashells - Start Quilting #4

The next few rows of our practice quilting panel are printed with loopy lines. Let's quilt these up a notch with a design I call Seashells & Waves:

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This starter kit is designed for quilting on any type of machine - home machine or longarm. You can also use this kit no matter if you're quilting with the machine in a table (sit down) or in a frame.

Here is the quilting setup I'll be using in this series:


Hoop Frame Leader Cloth

 Hoop Frame Leader Cloth 

Q-Zone Hoop Frame

Q-Zone Hoop Frame

Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit

 Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit


Rows 2-4 - Quilting Loopy Line 

The next few rows on our free motion quilting practice panel are printed with Loopy Line. This design is very simple and easy to quilt free hand (with no marks or assistance) from the very beginning.

Quilting Loopy Line Beginner Free Motion Quilting Design

This is why I quilted my loopy line rows up a notch and transformed this design into Seashell & Waves.

To quilt this design, first stitch the Loopy Line as it's printed on the practice panel.

Now for the transformation! Echo this starting line with a new line of quilting. Swirl around the circle / loop shape as many times as you like.

This is a messy echo, which means it's okay if you don't quilt perfectly and the lines get closer together and sometimes further apart.

How to free motion quilt practice panel

Keep quilting more lines, echoing your foundation Loopy Line, until the entire row is filled. You will get a LOT more practice quilting this way and will likely begin to see and feel more control over your machine moving on your frame, or your hands moving your quilt on the table top.

I'm really enjoying this practice panel from the Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit! If you'd like to join in the fun, pick up one for yourself and follow along as we share new videos each week.

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