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Crafty Cottage Reorganization! Quilt Friends Podcast #148

The Crafty Cottage is finally getting the reorganization and TLC it's been desperately needing for two years. See how I'm rearranging this space to fit both a Hoop Frame Pro and a sit down home sewing machine table as well:

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Reorganizing the Crafty Cottage

When I set up the Crafty Cottage in 2015, I'd only ever free motion quilted on a home sewing machine in a table. I hadn't tried ruler work, quilting on a longarm, quilting on a frame, or any of the techniques I now use every day to make new quilts.

So this space was in serious need of an update! I no longer need a home sewing machine surrounded with a tabletop this big:

Crafty Cottage Reorganization Before

I made many wonderful, gigantic quilts on this table and various home sewing machines:

Salsa Verde - King sized quilt for the workshop Quilting a King on Your Home Machine

Mega Star - 68 inch throw quilt for the workshop Mega Star Walking Foot Workshop

Rainbow Quilt - 80 inch rainbow quilt for the Walking Foot Quilt Along

While yes, I still do quilt on a home machine set in a table, this is usually small art projects or baby quilts for Betty. I have better tools and equipment now for quilting bigger quilts that make the process faster, easier, and a whole lot nicer to my body.

Setting Up the Hoop Frame Pro

Hoop Frames are excellent for small spaces. At just 4 1/2 feet wide, this little frame can fit just about anywhere.

I've set mine up in front of a window, in a corner, even in a little nook in my office. But I've never been really happy with where my hoop frame has been set... so far!

I first tried setting up the Hoop Frame Pro in the back corner of the Crafty Cottage next to the air conditioner. Quickly I realized this wasn't enough space. It felt too tight to move around the cottage, I couldn't walk around the frame, and there was barely enough room for the machine carriage to roll all the way back.

So I had to demolish that giant table around my affordable quilting table. The frame needed to go in the main space of the Crafty Cottage and this took a bit of effort.

I unscrewed a million screws holding the melamine board to the walls and the legs and then grabbed a saw to cut it in half. After a lot of clean up, I was able to slide the hoop frame into position and I experimented with lots of angles.

 Crafty Cottage Reorganization Hoop Frame

Now I love where this is set up! I can walk all the way around the frame and stand at the back comfortably. I don't feel squashed by low ceilings or tight walls. The space is so bright and cheerful and perfect for quilting on this frame.

And yep, the above quilt panel is a sneak peek! Click Here to check out the new Free Motion Quilting Starter Kit!

Another thing I've done is raised the height of my Hoop Frame Pro. Before I had it set to seated height. These days I prefer to quilt standing up - it feels healthier and is easier on my back.

Setting Up My Affordable Quilting Table

I still wanted a home sewing machine table in the Crafty Cottage, largely for making new quilting tutorials and fun projects. But this arrangement also needed some fiddling.

After a lot of trial and error, I rotated the table face the corner at a diagonal angle to the walls. The two drawer cabinets on both sides could rest against the wall and I only had to cut three triangle shapes from the scrap melamine board to finish the table top:

Crafty Cottage Reorganization

There are a lot of holes to patch and this is still looking pretty rough, but it feels great to sit at this sewing table!

While I'm still needing to find a home for many things, and the walls are in need of a touch up, it's wonderful to be back in the Crafty Cottage once more. This reorganization has been a long time coming and now I can't wait to plan a new batch of videos to film on my Hoop Frame Pro and home machine table.

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Please,please’ please post a tour when you are done. I am in the process of moving and looking for ideas to set up my new sewing room.


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