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Curved Quilting Ruler - Ruler Quilting with Mini Slide

I have a fun quilting tutorial featuring my favorite curved quilting ruler today! I've been looking forward to teaching you how to use the mini slide quilting ruler and how to add beautiful curving lines to your quilts.

Learn how to quilt two of my favorite designs using this ruler on a longarm machine in this machine quilting video: 

Quick links to the tools and supplies shown in this quilting video:

Two Curved Quilting Rulers

Both the Mini Slide Ruler and Super Slide Ruler are continuous line curves. This means if you start and stop quilting 1/4-inch from the ends of the ruler, line will continue seamlessly to create a perfect flowing curve.

The same curve is cut on both sides of the ruler intentionally so you can easily rotate the ruler whenever needed to continue your design.

Mini slide ruler

My first tip for quilting with any ruler is to use something grippy on the back to help it stay in position as you quilt. I like using True Grips which add a bit of grippy texture to the back, but don't stick too firmly to the quilt surface. Click Here to find True Grips.

When quilting long curving lines the most important thing is to keep the ruler straight with the seam lines of your quilt if that's the look you're going for. I lined up one of the etched lines on the ruler with a seam line on the Double Stripe Diamond Quilt so I could stitch the curve continuously down the length of the quilt.

Mini slide quilting ruler longarm

As I echoed back up that line occasionally I found the line I previously stitched not matching up perfectly with the etched lines on the ruler. You can fudge it ever so slightly by shifting the ruler to left or right while you're in the deepest part of the curve.

At any time, you can also rotate the ruler around 180° to match up the same curve but in the middle of the ruler rather than the outermost edges.

I quilted Flowing Lines and Matrix in this quilting tutorial, but you could use this ruler to quilt any design with curving lines.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to quilt continuous curves on a longarm frame with me today. Do you have suggestions for a new longarm quilting video? Please ask in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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I have the Q’nique 15R with the Q-Zone frame. Do I need to have the Ruler Base in order to use long arm rulers?

Cindy Goedel,

Also very interested in doing this on my extended surface Brother machine. Love your tutorials.

Lynda Schnekenburger,

Leah so happy to see longarm quilting tips on your rulers. Hope you keep the free motion long arm quilting ideas coming. Great video

Katie ,

Also interested in ruler foot quilting with domestic sewing machine. Thanks

Rita Bureman,

That’s great Debbie! I have more videos on this coming very soon!

Leah Day,

I am interested in ruler foot quilting on my home sewing machine.


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