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How to Free Motion Quilt Electric Love on Two Machines

Electric Love is another fun free motion quilting design that combines simple shapes to create a beautiful quilting texture. Learn how to quilt this easy design on a stationary home sewing machine and on a longarm machine in this video:

Tips for Free Motion Quilting Electric Love

This design is a simple combination of Zippling and heart shapes. If you can quilt a zippy, zig-zagging line and hearts, you'll have no problem with this design!

Electric Love Machine Quilting Tutorial home machine

Short on time? Click Here to find a high speed version of this quilting tutorial!

Where Should We Quilt Electric Love in Our Quilts?

Electric Love is a fast and easy free motion quilting design and it will work great for All-Over Quilting bed quilts on a large scale. If you have a quilt top you're needing to quilt fast - like in time for Valentine's Day (currently 5 days away) - this is the design for you!

I think this would be especially appropriate for little boy quilts. The zigzaggy Zippling texture is more masculine than the Stippling we used in English Ivy, but the hearts still add that touch of love.

What quilts are you needing to quilt this month? Are they bed quilts or throws or baby quilts? Share what you're working on in the comments below!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


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