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Happy Heart Day! Heart Flow Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

I hope you're having a super Happy Valentine's Day! Let's celebrate with another heart shaped design that will add lots of love to your quilts!

Tips for Free Motion Quilting Heart Flow

This design has lots of steps and involves echoing and travel stitching, which may be overwhelming for beginning quilters. Heart Flow is based on McTavishing so if you're struggling, give McTavishing a try first!

Free motion quilting Heart Flow

Short on time? Click Here to find a 30 second version of this quilting tutorial!

Where Should We Quilt Heart Flow in Our Quilts?

I personally found it easier to quilt Heart Flow on a smaller scale on my Chain of Beads Quilt. It could be the space I was trying to fill with this design which was too narrow for the big heart shapes and multiple echoes.

If you want to quilt Heart Flow really big, try quilting it All-Over style so it covers the quilt top completely with this design. If you want more texture for your quilts, or to fit it into narrow spaces, then you'll need to quilt it on a smaller scale.

I hope you enjoyed this quilting tutorial and will share it with your friends!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day 

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