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I Love Free Motion Quilting! Heart Paisley Quilting Tutorial

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! To celebrate this fun holiday, I'm quilting back through several heart-themed free motion quilting designs. Let's learn how to free motion quilt Heart Paisley today!

Tips for Free Motion Quilting Heart Paisley

This design is so pretty and so easy to quilt! The biggest key is being able to stitch the heart shape. I like starting from the bottom tip of the heart and swirling out with the double hump. 

Remember, the bigger the heart you begin with, the softer your quilt will finish. If you're using this design for All-Over Quilting and wanting a soft bed quilt, make sure to stitch your heart shapes at least 3-4 inches long and keep an inch of space between your echoes.

Short on time? Click Here to find a 44 second version of this quilting tutorial!

Heart Paisley Free Motion Quilting Tutorial

Where Should We Quilt Heart Paisley in Our Quilts?

Heart Paisley is such a versatile design! You can quilt it on a big scale for All-Over Quilting bed quilts, and you can quilt it on a small scale for art quilts too.

This free motion quilting design adds a truly lovely texture around motifs and can easily fit into complex areas with no problem. I love how nicely it can expand to secure large areas of our quilts very quickly.

Would you like a simple version of this design to stitch Edge-to-Edge with your longarm? Click Here to check out our Heart Paisley Pantograph!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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