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How to Break Thread without a Thread Cutter on a Qnique Longarm

Grace Qnique longarms do not have thread cutters. But this is definitely not a problem if you know how to break thread properly with your longarm. Learn how in this new longarm quilting tutorial:

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How to Break Thread Step-by-Step

To break thread on a Grace Qnique longarm, which doesn't have a thread cutter, you'll follow these steps:

  1. Needle up to bring your needle out of your quilt.
  2. Push the longarm 3-4 inches away to spool out the bobbin a bit.
  3. Pull the longarm back to the last stitch you took.
  4. Needle down, needle up.
  5. Tug on your top thread, this will bring up a loop - that's your bobbin thread.
  6. Clip the top and bobbin thread, making sure to leave the thread tails long enough to tie off and bury.
  7. Push the longarm away 5-6 inches to suck the extra bobbin thread back through the quilt.
  8. Tie off and bury your thread tails securely in the middle layer of your quilt.

To Begin Your Next Line of Quilting

  1. Push the longarm spot you want to begin quilting.
  2. Needle down, needle up. Roll your longarm 1-2 inches away.
  3. Tug on your top thread to bring up a loop - that is your bobbin thread.
  4. Bring both thread tails up to the surface of the quilt.
  5. Needle down, needle up to take 2-3 stitches in the direction you're quilting (not in place or you will get a glob of thread).
  6. Begin quilting and stitch many beautiful designs, then break thread following the directions above.

That's it! It may seem complicated at first, but these steps will quickly become a habit as you quilt more quilts. Learn more about Grace Qnique longarms right here.

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Thanks for the video! I just got a long arm machine and had no idea that you had to tie off thread!

Anne Bettencourtt,

Saw your tutorial and I am a new longarmer and would like a copy of your free pantos guide to using a !

Caroline jarosz,

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