Frame Quilting Friday - Machine Quilting Fun on a Longarm!

Longarm Frame Quilting FridayAre you ready to learn more about longarm quilting? Me too! I've had my Grace Qnique longarm set up on a frame for almost a year now and I honestly haven't gotten much practice in. It's a very different style of quilting from what I'm used to and sometimes I feel intimidated and worried my stitches won't look perfect.

But that's the whole point of learning how to quilt! We have to push past the ugly stitches and intimidation and keep practicing every day. To challenge myself to use my machine on the frame more, I'm starting a new series called Frame Quilting Friday.

Each Friday you'll find a new quilting video of me quilting on my longarm and learning something new! Check out all the posts I've shared to this series so far:

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How to quilt twisted squaresWould you like to learn more about the Grace Qnique longarm I'm using? Click Here to check it out now!

Yes, I'm a dealer for Grace Company now so I'm selling the machines, frames, and accessories you'll see in the videos. My goal is to help you find the right machine and frame to fit your budget, home, and quilting needs. 

No, you don't need a quilting frame or longarm in order to make fantastic quilts! You can do so much with your home machine so please don't feel like you have to switch in order to finish your quilts.

However, if your interest is in quilting more quickly, with less wear and tear on your body, definitely consider the switch. Moving the machine over the quilt on a frame is much easier than moving the quilt under the needle. It's easier to make big, sweeping movements and to stitch large, open designs.

If your goal is to finish a lot of quilts in a short space of time, a longarm mounted on a frame may be the best option for you. Please click here to contact me with any questions you have.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

P.S. Are you looking for my Sit Down Quilting Sunday series? I shared weekly videos in 2017 every Sunday to explore quilting on the Grace Qnique longarm as a sit down / table mounted machine. Watch the following videos to explore this different type of quilting on a longarm:

Grace Qnique review Sitdown longarm setup Quilting tension test
 Quilting without stitch regulator Quilting a real quilt Collage quilting 4 designs
Adjust your foot height Dense quilting on a longarm Quilt big circles
Maintain your machine Quilting with fleece Josh quilts on the Grace Qnique
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Quilting over applique Practice echo quilting Quilting a tiny heart
Quilting big clouds Baby quilt ocean currents Baby quilt flowing lines
Baby quilt cool leaves Ruler quilting rain clouds Quilting on marked lines
Quilting feathers on the grace qnique Testing new threads Tips for stitching in the ditch
Bobbin threadwork on a longarm Quilting crazy curves on a christmas tree How to quilt with rulers on a longarm
3 easy longarm quilting designs Fun machine quilting grid designs Machine quilt an easy pumpkin patch
Let's quilt a spider web Let's quilt magical pumpkins 4 spooky fall quilting designs
Let's quilt windy feathers

Note: Grace Company no longer offers the Grace Qnique Sit Down version. We now have the Q-Zone Hoop Frame which takes up far less space than a sit down machine.

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  • Leah Day - August 22, 2019

    Hi Cynthia – Great question! I’ll add this to my list of videos to shoot for the Q-Zone soon. It’s on the list!

  • Leah Day - August 22, 2019

    Hi Sharon – You’ll need to contact a dealer in Australia for help. When you place the order, you can make sure the leader cloth is included so that will ship with your frame.

  • Cynthia Woods - August 22, 2019

    Hi, Leah. I just purchased a Q-Hoop. Do you have a video on how to prepare a quilt for a frame? I have always used a domestic and free motion. I have always used safety pins to baste. Everything I have seen just shows putting on a leader cloth and loading the frame. I am kind of uncomfortable with this. How do you do your larger quilts?

  • Sharon King - August 22, 2019

    Hi Leah I’m just about to buy a 15 qr long arm and loving your videos cause I’ve never used a longarm before a bit scary " I was just wondering do you get the leader cloth when you purchase the machine or do you have to buy it seperate I’m from Australia
    Keep those videos going thanks Leah

  • Leah Day - July 25, 2019

    Hi Mary – I know, I could definitely use more help in that area. I depend on word of mouth mostly so please spread the word with any of your quilting friends that are interested in longarm quilting. It’s very hard to teach frame quilting at a show and very expensive because all the students need frames to work on. Check out MQX shows – they are awesome!

  • Leah Day - July 25, 2019

    Hi Patricia – Great questions! Yes, I’m using a stitch regulator on the Qnique 14+ / 15 when it’s set up on a frame. The older videos where it’s set up in a table it didn’t have a stitch regulator. That was just my foot pressing the pedal and quilting the same way I would on a home machine.

    On wheels on a frame – that’s really a gimmick. Longarms are serious pieces of machinery and not really designed to wheel around. If you move a longarm, you’ll have to do a lot of work to level it each time. I would advise picking a spot and setting it up and leaving it there!

  • Mary Googe - July 25, 2019

    Hi Leah! You need more marketing! I’ve been looking for help with my frame Longarm quilting and requested frame quilting classes at the 2019 Houston Quilt Show. There weren’t any! I love your videos and have learned a lot since I found them. Thanks and keep it up!!

  • Patricia Kamp - October 29, 2018

    Hi Leah, does the Qnique have a stitch regulator when your just doing free form stitches? Talk about that more on your next vide. I’m also wondering if you can collapse the frame or move it to another room in between quits.

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