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How to Attach Qnique 19 and 21 Quilting Feet

Attaching the Grace Qnique 19 and 21 quilting feet can be a bit tricky. Learn how to attach feet from the Hopping Foot Set or 9 Piece Foot Attachment Set to your longarm in this video:

 Quick links to the quilt panel and quilting gear I'm using in this video:

Qnique 21 on a 10 Foot Frame

Hopping Foot Set

9 Piece Foot Attachment Set

White Isacord Thread

How to Attach Longarm Qnique Feet to Qnique 19 and 21 Machines

The Qnique 19 and 21 longarms have a very different foot attachment system than the Qnique 15. You'll need to attach both a locking collar and the foot to your machine and ensure it's set to the proper height and that the needle lands in the proper center position.

Follow these steps to attach these feet to your Qnique 19, 21, or 21 Pro longarm:

  1. Remove the original collar, needle, needle screw from your longarm.
  2. Slip the new collar from the Hopping Foot Set or 9 Piece Foot Attachment Set onto the needle shaft. 
  3. Attach the foot you're wanting to use and loosely tighten the screw at the back of the foot.
  4. Using the Foot Height Gauge, adjust the collar until the foot is at the right height on the longarm. Needle down (with no needle in the longarm!) so the foot is at the lowest height it will be while quilting. Tighten the collar screw.
  5. With the collar in place, now adjust the foot until the needle is located exactly in the center of the foot. Hold onto the foot tightly as you tighten the screw at the back of the foot.

    I noted this in the video, but be sure to really grip the foot as you tighten the screw on the back. The foot can shift forward and back as you tighten the screw so grip it and make sure the needle stays in the center position until the screw is tight. Learn more about Grace Qnique longarms right here.

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