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Piece a 20 Petal Dresden Plate Quilt Block with the Slice Ruler

I can't wait to teach you how to piece an extra large Dresden plate block using the Slice quilting ruler!

Quick links to tools and supplies shown in this quilting tutorial:

For this particular tutorial, you'll need the Slice Quilting Ruler, which makes a 20 petal Dresden Plate. If you like piecing this Dresden Plate, you'll love having our Dresden Plate Template Set too! 

How to Cut the Dresden Plate Petals

I cut my fat quarters in 5 ½-inch strips first, then lined up the narrow edge of the Slice Quilting Ruler with the edge of the fabric. Just remember to keep the narrow edge in line with the fabric, then rotate the ruler 180° to cut the next wedge.

Slice ruler cutting

To finish the ends of your Dresden plate petals you have many choices. You can turn the long edge under 1/4 inch to create a angular shape. You can also leave the edges draw and turn the entire Dresden Plate edge over at the end using a large circle template made from freezer paper.

Or you can make all the petals pointy as I showed in the quilting tutorial!

Dresden plate quilting

To create the pointy tip, simply fold the petal shape in half, right sides together. Stitch along the long side of the Dresden plate petal ¼-inch from the edge. Trim folded tip close to the stitching, finger press the seam allowance open, and then turn the tip of the petal shape right side out.

To sew the Dresden Plate petals together, simply line them up right sides together and stitch from the outside to the inside of the petal shapes.

Piece the units together in sets of five, and then trim the edges to create a perfect 90° angle. This trimming helps the finished Dresden Plate quilt block set perfectly flat on your quilt and ensures the pieces fit together perfectly.

If you like to make even more Dresden Plate Quilt blocks check out the Dresden Plate Template Set with six different petal shapes that can piece 8, 12 and 16 petal Dresden plate blocks.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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I am trying to make tablecloth from my father’s old ties, but I am new to this. I want the length of each tie to be 2 0" what template size do I use? Please help this is a gift for my mother.

Lori Hovanec,

Thank you Leah, I’m a subscriber to Quilty Box, always look forward to your QB Shows. Your tip on putting 5 dresdins together at a time to true-up is GREAT !!! Thanks again

Lesley Morris,

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