Winter Project: Machine Embroidery Snowflake Hoop Quilt

We're stitching out snowflakes to celebrate this chilly time of the year! Learn how to place and stitch snowflake embroidery designs to create a quick hoop quilt project that can be easily completed in one day:

Tools and supplies from this machine embroidery tutorial:

Snowflake Embroidery Designs

Snowflake Embroidery Collection

Isacord Polyester Thread

Isacord Embroidery Thread

Favorite Fabric Scissors

Snowflake Hoop Quilt Machine Embroidery Project

Download the Placement Diagram

I created the first two snowflake hoop quilts using several different rulers and templates to get the placement just right. I realized this process could be a lot easier!

So I made us a handy dandy placement diagram so we can easily stitch out 6 designs into a pretty circle:

Click Here to download the placement diagram for this project.

Once downloaded, print out the file "actual size" so the 1-inch box in the corner measures 1 inch.

Cut along the + signs on the page so you can easily use the placement template to mark your fabric using a fabric marking pen. I used a 20-inch square of fabric to fit a 14-inch embroidery hoop.

machine embroidery snowflake design

Machine Embroidering the Snowflakes - Small Hoop

If you have a 4-6 inch hoop, you will stitch out one design at a time. Hoop your Cut-Away stabilizer, then float the fabric over the hoop, centering the + sign in the center of your hoop.

Float a piece of Tear-Away stabilizer underneath the hoop and stitch the design. Changing colors is optional, but definitely a fun way to stitch your snowflake embroideries up a notch!

And yes, all this stabilizer is necessary. If you don't stitch it, you may end up looking like this:

Machine Embroidery not enough stabilizer

Each time you finish a snowflake, remove it from the hoop and tear away and cut away the excess stabilizer. You don't have to go crazy with this, just trim it a bit to keep it neat.

Hoop again with more stabilizer and continue floating the top. I find floating easier because I have more control over the fabric and can easily wiggle it into position rather than having it squished in the hoop.

Large Hoop Machine Embroidery

Large Hoop Machine Embroidery Instructions

I have a Janome 15000 and massive GR hoop. With this hoop, I could stitch 3-4 snowflakes at a time for this project!

Follow the same instructions as before - hooping Cut-Away stabilizer, floating the top, and floating Tear-Away stabilizer underneath.

Using your machine's placement software, you can place multiple designs within your hoop, and shift them into the correct position. This is something that is machine specific so refer to your manual to learn how to do this with your machine.

After stitching half the designs, again, follow the same steps to trim away the excess stabilizer, re-hoop, and stitch the remaining designs.

Once all the designs are stitched, center the fabric over a 14-inch embroidery hoop and secure it in place with the outer ring. Make sure you are happy with the placement and then cut the excess fabric away from the back.

Stitch it Up Another Notch

If you have the time and ability, you can layer your snowflake embroidery with batting and backing fabric and free motion quilt it. This adds a whole different dimension to this project, but it definitely adds more time as well.

Snowflake Machine Embroidery Design

I love being able to create a project start-to-finish in one day! If you're needing a quick gift this is a great choice because you're letting your embroidery machine do all the work.

If you make a Sensational Snowflake Hoop Quilt, please send us a picture to add to this tutorial!

Let's go stitch,

Leah Day

Tools and supplies from this machine embroidery tutorial:

Snowflake Embroidery Designs

Snowflake Embroidery Collection

Isacord Polyester Thread

Isacord Embroidery Thread

Favorite Fabric Scissors

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Lovely. I can think of so many applications for these designs.

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