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Quilting Open Weave on a Longarm and Home Machine

Open Weave is a simple free motion quilting design that you could quilt with rulers or with a walking foot too. Let's see how it works both in a small square and on a real quilt!

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Quilting Open Weave on a Home Machine

The idea behind Open Weave is a quilting design that looks like irregular woven rectangles. I intentionally didn't mark the design or quilt with perfectly straight lines. A little wiggle and wobble makes Open Weave extra pretty!

Free motion quilting Open Weave on a Home Machine

Longarm Quilting Open Weave 

I quilted Open Weave into the background of the Chain of Beads Quilt. This is a terrific quilt to practice quilting techniques and try out new design ideas! Click Here to find the free pattern for Chain of Beads.

Quilting Open Weave on a Longarm Machine

Again, I could pick up either the Slice Ruler or the Ditcher Ruler and quilt Open Weave perfectly with exactly 1/4 or 1/2 inch spaced lines. I didn't feel like doing the math on that to fit my quilting space exactly so I free hand quilted instead.

No marks, no rulers, no plan = free hand quilting. Sometimes this is pretty scary and sometimes it's exactly what a quilt and quilter needs!

It's pretty clear from quilting both an open block and through the background area of this quilt that Open Weave is a design that can work anywhere on our quilts. Sashing, blocks, borders, or background areas are all a great choice for this woven design.

I probably wouldn't choose this as an All-Over Design simply because it'd be time consuming to quilt it over an entire quilt and harder to keep the lines straight-ish across the full length. 

Where do you think Open Weave will work best in our quilts? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Let’s go quilt,

Leah Day

Quilting Open Weave on a Home Machine and Longarm Machine

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