Treadle Sewing Machine Update, Quilting Friends Podcast #63

Hello My Quilting Friends! This has been a super busy week and I've been working on clearing my plate so I can begin July with a lot less stress on my shoulders. I'm keeping it short and sweet with an update on my vintage treadle machines. Check it out right here:

You can also listen to the episode or download it to your computer here:

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how to quilt eternal love

Quilting Eternal Love

how to quilt wobbly cosmos

How to quilt Wobbly Cosmos

Quilting Rulers!

Hello My Quilting Friends 

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I finally got a treadle working!

After a lot of fiddling and fussing, I finally got a belt on my Singer 27 and it works! The first belt I ruined cutting it way too short. Then I cut the next belt too long, but was able to thankfully shorten it just a bit until it fit just right.

But as you can see in the video, I'm still working on getting the timing of my feet to work smoothly with the movement of the needle. It's a work in progress!

I've also been working on my Singer 12. After a wonderful lunch with Cheryl Warren, my vintage sewing machine friend, I ran straight to the hardware store to find Hammered Finish spray paint and gave it a spray on the bottom:

Singer 12 Spray Painted

This is looking great, but I think I can do a bit better on the upper part. I'm going to slow down and sand down the leftover paint and add filler so the finished exterior is as perfect as I can make it.

We have two new quilting tutorials this week:

Part 1 of Quilting Eternal Love - I stitched echoes in her body, Microstippling in her face, and Echo Feathers and Swirling Water in her hair. Learn and stitch along with me and find a tip on dealing with a gummy needle if that starts to be a problem.

how to quilt eternal love

How to Quilt Wobbly Cosmos - Here's another walking foot quilting design to enjoy! I marked this design using a quilting stencil and quilted on the lines. I've also included the old (you could call it vintage!) video on how to quilt this design on your home machine as well.

how to quilt Wobbly Cosmos

Other news that got missed in the podcast:

365 Quilting Design Calendars are going to be shipping out later than we expected. They're still on a boat in the middle of the ocean and not going to arrive until July 5th, which means we won't get them in our hands until at least a week later. I'm super sorry for this inconvenience! 

Good news - my quilting rulers, made by Grace Company are now in stock and ready for you!

how to quilt with rulers

I'm already planning a wonderful batch of videos to teach you how to use these rulers and show you all the creative designs you can create with these shapes. Click Here to find the 3 piece Basic Ruler Kit with all three rulers for a great price.

Like I said at the beginning, this has been a very busy week and I've been working hard to get projects done and off my back (and out of the sewing room) so I can focus completely on Mally the Maker in July. I'm tired of feeling rushed and constantly picking things up just to put it back down again.

But at the same time, I have to stop and feel grateful for the life I have. I love what I do and I love being able to share it with you!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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