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How to Advance a Quilt on a Longarm

Welcome back to another Frame quilting Friday! I reached a point with my double straight diamond quilt that I need to advance the quilt through the frame. Learn how I roll up the quilt to reach the next area to work on in this new quilting tutorial:

Quick links to the tools and supplies shown in this quilting video:

Longarm Ruler Set


9 Piece Longarm Foot Set

Frame Quilting Friday

free quilt pattern Leah Day 
Double Diamond Free Pattern

When you've mastered advancing your quilt on a longarm, you'll want to learn the best and most efficient way of removing a quilt from a longarm. Watch as I demonstrate below:

One of the main things I love about quilting on a long arm is how much faster and easier it fills. When I fill up space on my frame, it's exciting to advance to the next area so I can fill it up too. I began by pulling off my quilt clips and lifting the bedding and quilt top out of the space between the second and third rail.

Next I unlock the second rails and unroll the backing fabric that was rolled off on this side.

Moving quilt on longarm

Then I carefully roll up the quilted section of the quilt onto the top rail. Especially during the first roll up, I'm very careful to watch out for pins sticking out of the leader cloth that could catch on my fingers.

I roll the quilt so that I can still connect with the last set of lines stitched, just in case I want to travel stitch along them and add to those designs.

Once the quilt is rolled up to the right spot, I reset the latch on the second rail and flip the bedding and quilt top over the frame so it's out of my way. I roll up the backing fabric onto the second rail and tell it's firmly held, but not too tight which can cause tension issues on the frame.

Then I flipped down the batting and smooth it out quickly over the backing fabric. Last I pull down the quilt top and smooth it out to. I tuck the batting and quilt top between the second and third rails again and pop on the quilt clips to. The last thing to check is the height of the top rail once the quilt has been rolled up on it. This rail will become thicker and can rub against your machine bed. You can lift the height of the top rail using bolts on the sides of the continuum frame. I usually adjust the frame up by one mark and make sure I can stick my fingers between the rolled up quilt and the machine bed.

Once the quilt is reset, which only takes about five minutes, I'm ready to get back to quilting! Click here to check out the other Frame quilting Friday videos I've shared and see many more designs stitched on this double straight diamond quilt.

Let's go quilt

Leah Day


Hi Leah. I am trying to quilt a quilt from the middle, moving around the pattern to the outside. Hence, I have to move the quilt forward and back. How do I do that when I’ve already quilted toward the bottom and have to go back to the top? Can I take the quilt top off?

Liz Ridgell,

There is too much space between rows of meander with a pantograph .. how do I get the rows closer??


Hi Deb – You should be adjusting the back rail to raise higher as the quilt rolls up on the rail. Both sides should be on the same notch or number of the back rail, but no please don’t worry about the front rails (I don’t think they adjust anyway). You do need to adjust the back rail.

Leah Day,

Hi Leah,
Should all of the rails be at the same height? I run into an issue when the quilt increases on the take up rail and I’m unsure what height and when to adjust the rails, or which rails to adjust.


Hi Janet – Check with your dealer or GraceFrame.com. Channel locks should have come with your frame if it’s the Continuum. If it’s not, you will need to order them separately.

Leah Day,

My Qnique 14 does not have the channel locks. Do you know where I can get them?

Janet Lindquist,

That’s wonderful Joanna! I’m so glad you found this video helpful!

Leah Day,

Great video Leah. I sometimes have problems with the wadding bunching slightly in the middle, but not attaching the top to the leader and your demo makes really good sense. I can now see the bubbles before they appear.
Thanks you for your videos. They are really great.


Great question Dar and Sheryl! We can order them for you or you can order them from GraceFrame.com. The price will be the same from any dealer or directly from Grace Company.

Leah Day,

Thank you Leah. Can you tell me where you obtain the blue clips /clamps you use on the bars of the quilt frame to add tension


Where do you get the quilt clips you used?

Sheryl Lewis,

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