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Dainty Dresden Ring Quilt Block Tutorial #9

We're piecing a Dainty Dresden Plate today an experimenting with cutting tiny petals with fusible edges.

Check out the tools and supplies I used in this quilting tutorial:

This Dainty Dresden Ring is cut with Template #5 and the 2-inch and 3-inch circle templates. I used Lite Steam-A-Seam 2 Fusible Web to fuse the back of the petals and ended up with fusible edges on the inside and outside of this Dresden Ring.

Preparation to Piece a Dainty Dresden Ring

Here are the fabrics you'll need for this block:

Dainty Dresden Ring Fabric Preparation 

Dresden Plate Petal Preparation

Follow the instructions in the video on cutting your petals and preparing them for this block. You'll need 8 petals cut in both colors. 

How to Piece Dresden Ring #9

We piece this block together in sets of 4. Make sure to align and piece from the inside edge of the petals.

The outside edges will not line up. That's okay! Piece all the way to the end of the longer petals. This stitching line will help you fold over the seam allowance neatly.

Press the seam allowance towards the longer petals.

How to Cut the Center Circle

You could create a Dainty Dresden Plate Quilt Block by placing a circle applique on top of this shape.

But I liked the idea of cutting out the center circle using the 3-inch circle template. This size of circle perfectly fit the fusible web so the ring would have fusible web all around.

To cut the circle, I marked it with the circle template, then cut it out with my favorite scissors. Because of the piecing and seam allowances, I would NOT try to cut this center circle with a rotary cutter.

How to Fuse Your Dainty Dresden Plate

Fold your background fabric square in half and press to create crease lines running through the center in both directions. 

Now for the super tedious part - peeling off all the paper backing from our fusible web.

Yes, this is time consuming and yes, it can easily distort your block! Take your time peeling all the paper away and then you'll be ready to fuse the ring in place.

Follow the instructions on your fusible web pack to fuse your Dresden Ring applique in place.

Finish the Dresden Ring with a bit of stitching around the inner and outer edges. I like to use a straight stitch, 1/8 inch away from either the raw or folded edge of the fabric. I’ve decided to use white thread throughout to make securing the 1930s fabrics down quick and easy.

I love experimenting with all the different types of Dresden Plates and Dresden Rings we can make with the Dresden Template Set! Pick up your set today and begin piecing along with me!

Let’s go Quilt,

Leah Day

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Hi Lorraine – You’re very welcome! I realized that toxic factor back in 2015 and began distancing myself from social media. I still post occasionally to IG and FB, but honestly I find my best work is in continuing tutorials like this with videos to teach new techniques. This is where I started and I don’t see any reason to stop!

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Lorraine Williams,

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