Mix n' Match Dresden Ring Quilt Block #7

Did you know you can use the 8 and 16 petal templates together? Learn how with this Mix n' Match Dresden Ring #7:

Check out the tools and supplies I used in this quilting tutorial:

This Mix n' Match Dresden Ring is a cool combination of turned-curved petals created with Template #2 and straight edge petals created with Template #5. I also mixed up the fabrics a bit to use up smaller scraps of blue fabric.

Preparation to Piece Mix n' Match Dresden Ring #7

Here are the fabrics you'll need for this block. I used two colors of blue and one strip of yellow, but it's entirely up to you the colors you use!

Mix n Match Dresden Plate Ring Fabric Cutting

I used Template #2 and #5 from the Dresden Template Set. I also made a turning template for Template #2. Click Here to learn how to create a turning template.

Dresden Ring Petal Preparation

Follow the instructions in the video on cutting your petals and preparing them for this block. You'll need 4 curved petals (blue) and 8 straight petals (yellow).

How to Piece Dresden Ring #7

We piece this block together in sets of 3. The curved petal is in the center with two straight-edged petals on both sides.

How to piece a mix n match dresden plate

Make sure to align and piece from the inside edge of the petals.

The outside edges will not line up. That's okay! Piece all the way to the end of the yellow straight-edged petals. This stitching line will help you fold over the seam allowance neatly.

You will find the seam allowance winging out over the edge of your straight-edged petals. To fix this, simply fold the excess seam allowance under and press firmly to secure it.

How to Secure Your Dresden Ring to the Background Fabric

Fold your background fabric square in half and press to create crease lines running through the center in both directions. 

It's entirely up to you how this Dresden Ring is positioned on your fabric. I show a few different ideas in the video. I decided to center the curved petals over the crease lines, but there are lots of other ways you can position this block and change the appearance!

Once the Dresden Ring is properly positioned, apply a thin layer of glue to all of the turned edges (both inside and outside each petal shape). I use a Microtip Bottle to control the flow of regular Elmer's school glue, which is basically concentrated liquid starch. Dry the glue quickly with a hot, dry iron to lock the Dresden Rings into position.

Finish the Dresden Rings with a bit of stitching around the inner and outer edges. I like to use a straight stitch, 1/8 inch away from either the raw or folded edge of the fabric. I’ve decided to use white thread throughout to make securing the 1930s fabrics down quick and easy.

This Mix n' Match Dresden Ring uses two of the templates from our Dresden Template Set. These templates can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways to create dozens of Dresden Plate and Dresden Ring quilt blocks. Just how many blocks can we create? Only time will tell just how many we can piece together!

Let’s go Quilt,

Leah Day

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