Learn How to Free Motion Quilt Pebbling

Let's learn how to quilt Pebbling, another super popular free motion quilting design.

leah day pebbling design

Pebbling is time consuming to produce, but looks beautiful over small areas surrounding organic shapes like flowers and vines. This design also builds up intense thread texture because of the large amount of travel stitching required to quilt it. This makes the design stand out on the surface of your quilt and draws attention to whatever you stitch it around.

Learn how to quilt Pebbling in this free motion quilting video:

This is a video from the Building Blocks Quilt, a beginner level sampler quilt that will teach you how to piece AND free motion quilt forty-two quilt blocks. The best part of this quilt pattern is it comes with design worksheets so you can mark the circles on your block and quilt on the lines, which is much easier for beginners to master.

As you can see in the video, Pebbling design is moderately difficult to create because of the intense amount of traveling you have to do in order to move from one "pebble" to another. It took around 45 minutes to quilt this 4 inch square, which means the Pebbling is pretty time consuming, but the effect is definitely worth it.

You can speed up the process of stitching each circle by creating larger circles and with medium sized pebbles surrounding them. Try to stitch multiple sizes and shapes so it doesn't take so much time to cover your quilting space with this texture.

Quilting Tip - If you find yourself struggling to quilt Pebbling because your thread keeps breaking, try switching to a thinner, stronger thread like Isacord. This will work much better because you will be able to travel stitch over your circles multiple times without the thread breaking.

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