Learn how to Free Motion Quilt Paisley

Paisley was one of the first free motion quilting designs I learned, but unfortunately I struggled to be able to quilt it for several years. The reason is Paisley involves a bit of travel stitching and thread play and when I first started machine quilting I was using thread that was too thick and weak to handle it.

After switching to Isacord Thread, I could suddenly quilt this design perfectly and I fell in love with the texture. Learn how to quilt Paisley in this free motion quilting video:

This video is from the Dancing Butterfly Quilt, a fun, beginner level quilt pattern that will teach you how to quilt twenty beautiful designs into big butterfly blocks!

How to Free Motion Quilt Paisley

Paisley is easy to create and is a perfect choice for beginner quilters. This design looks terrific on both a large and small scale, anywhere on your quilts!

Paisley is stitched by first forming a Tear Drop Shape, then return to your starting point (the red dot). Pivot and Echo that tear drop shape 3-5 times. To move to the next Paisley, simply Travel Stitch and branch off with a new tear drop shape. Pivot and echo that shape, then branch off with a new shape.

paisley free motion quilting

Paisley is a great skill builder for both travel stitching and echoing. These two techniques are essential to master in free motion quilting. Build more skills for traveling and echoing by learning how to quilt McTavishing too!

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