Grace SureStitch Regulator

$ 499.99 $ 699.99

Stitch Regulation Makes for Consistent Stitches on your Home Machine!

The Grace SureStitch Stitch regulator is the easiest way to control your stitching when using your home sewing machine on a frame. It matches the sewing machines speed to your movements to keep your stitches at a consistent length.

Product Features

  • Encoders to attach to two wheels on the carriages of the frame to record your movements
  • Controller box which reads the movement and adjusts the speed of the machine to match it
  • Dual function stitch regulator and speed control
  • Easy controls at your finger tips: on/off, pulse, stitch length
  • Dual color LED display

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Grace Sure Stitch Regulator

The Grace Sure Stitch is both a stitch regulator and constant stitch speed control. In Stitch Regulation mode, it takes advantage of your machine's full range of speeds.

As you speed up and slow down, so will your machine, keeping all of your stitches the same length. When used as a speed control, the SureStitch lets you adjust the speed of your sewing machine with the push of a simple button.

The SureStitch comes with constant contact sensor design for superior stitch accuracy and is cross compatible with multiple machines and quilting frames. The digital speed display, tie-off button, on/off switch, and stitch speed button +/- give you precise control at your fingertips.

Please check if your machine is compatible with this stitch regulator:

Machine Brand
 Machine Models
  • Babylock Quilter’s Choice
  • Babylock Quilter’s Choice Pro (BLQP)
  • Babylock Jane
  • 1500S
  • Innovis 1500D
  • Innovis 2500D
  • Innovis 4500D (Duetta)
  • Innovis VQ2400 (DreamCreator)
  • Innovis VQ3000 (DreamWeaver)
  • Innovis VM6200D (DreamWeaver)
  • Innovis XV8500D (DreamMachine)
  • Innovis NV6000D (Quattro)
  • Innovis NV6700D (Quattro 2)
  • Innovis NV6750D (Quattro 3)
  • Innovis VM5100 (DreamCreator XE)
  • 7100, 7200, 7300
  • 1600P-QC
  • Memory Craft 6500P
  • Memory Craft 6600P
  • Memory Craft 6700P
  • Memory Craft 7700QCP
  • Memory Craft Horizon 8200QCP
  • Memory Craft Horizon 8900QCP
  • Memory Craft Horizon 9400
  • Continental M7
  • TL98Q
  • TL98QE
  • TL2010Q - TL18 (Newer Version)
  • 2000Qi
  • TL2200 Mini
  • TL98E
  • HD9 Pfaff Grand Quilter
  • Creative Sensation
  • Creative Sensation Pro
  • Creative Sensation Pro2
  • Creative Vision
  • Creative Performance, 5.0, 5.2
  • Creative 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5
  • Expression 2.0, 3.0, 3.2, 3.5, 4.0, 4.2
  • Designer Ruby
  • Viking Mega Quilter
  • Designer Diamond
  • Designer Diamond Deluxe
  • Designer Diamond Royal
  • Designer Ruby
  • Designer Ruby Deluxe
  • Designer Ruby Royale
  • Designer Topaz 20, 30, 50
  • Sapphire, 830, 835, 850, 870, 875, 930, 960, 965
  • Tribute 140C
  • Eden Rose 250C
  • Designer Epic

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If your sewing machine is not listed here, we cannot guarantee its compatibility. We cannot refund or swap out this stitch regulator for this reason.