Machine Quilting with Leah

Advancing Pantographs with Evenly Spaced Rows - Quilting Pantos #3

We're back with more pantograph quilting! Learn how to advance the quilt through your frame to create evenly spaced rows every time.

Begin Pantograph Quilting with a Partial First Row - Quilting Pantos #2

Learn how to begin pantograph quilting with a partial first row. In this video tutorial, Leah shares all the steps from preparing her pantograph design to placing it on her frame and then quilting across with a partial row across the top edge of the quilt.

Load Your Frame for Pantograph Quilting - Quilting Pantographs #1

Let's get ready to Pantograph! Learn how to load your frame for pantograph quilting so each row is easy to quilt across with an edge to edge quilting design. See how to avoid issues like a flipped quilt or pleats by baste stitching your quilt on the frame.

How to Piece a Spinning Dresden Plate - Dresden #8

Learn how to piece a cute Spinning Dresden Plate with straight-edge-petals in this quilting tutorial with Leah Day. Watch a video and follow along with Leah as we create over a dozen Dresden Plates and Rings!

Stitching in the Ditch with Rulers - Start Quilting Video #10

Learn how to stitch-in-the-ditch with ruler quilting using the Ditcher Quilting Ruler! I demonstrate this video on a stationary home sewing machine and on a longarm on a frame.

How to Quilt Spiral Chain - Start Quilting #9

Learn how to free motion quilt Spiral Chain on a beginner free motion quilting fabric panel and on a real Chain of Beads quilt.

Mix n' Match Dresden Ring - Dresden #7

Learn how to piece a Mix n' Match Dresden Ring that combines turned-curve and straight edge Dresden Plate petals!

Free Motion Quilting Loopy Hearts - Start Quilting #8

Learn how to quilt a fun free motion quilting design called Loopy Hearts. See how to quilt a simple version of the design, then a free hand free motion version which is perfect for all-over quilting!

Quilting Circles - Rocks and Pebbles - Start Quilting #7

Learn how to start free motion quilting circles by quilting rocks and pebbles! Practice quilting these designs in Row 11 of the Free Motion Quilting Starter Panel.

Quilting Loops and Echoes - Start Quilting #6

Practice quilting with a frame weight and gain skill with hitting exact points, pivoting, and echoing - all great skills for beginner free motion quilting!