Machine Quilting with Leah

How to Piece a Delicate Double Dresden Ring - Block #6

Learn how to piece a Delicate Double Dresden Ring which includes a mini ring at less than 4 inches in diameter nested inside an outer ring that's 11 inches in diameter. Dresden Rings are very similar to Dresden Plate Quilt Blocks, but with the inside edges finished to create even more creative combinations!

Laser Cutting Fun! Quilting Friends Podcast #147

See what Leah Day is cutting with her laser cutter for quilting and sewing. Laser cutters are awesome for cutting plastic, wood, leather, and fabric.

Piece and Fuse a Curved Dresden Ring - Block #5

Learn how to piece and fuse a curved petal Dresden Ring. See how I prepare the petals and cut curves on all sides using the Dresden Template Set and Circle Template Set.

Decorative Stitches on the Janome 8200 Sewing Machine

See how I secured the edges of my circle appliques using beautiful decorative stitches on my Janome 8200. Learn how to test your stitches, pick a design that fits, and recover from thread breaks in three short videos under 60 seconds each!

How I Load My Continuum Longarm Frame Now

Yes, my longarm frame loading methods have changed! I have made a lot of adjustments to my frame over the years, adding an Idler Rail, Red Snappers, and Quilt Clips to the mix. Check out this video to see how I load my frame now, as of Spring 2022.

Fusing and Piecing the Whirligig Baby Quilt

Today I'm fusing and piecing a new baby quilt - the Whirligig Quilt! Learn how to prep your fabric, cut your circle shapes, and piece your quilt top using templates from our new Circle Template Set.

Quilting a Wavy Border with Rulers

Let's learn how to quilt a pretty wavy border with the Super Slide ruler! Learn how to quilt a beautiful curving border design simply using your home machine on the Hoop Frame Pro.

How Does the Grace Qnique 19 Compare with the Qnique 15R and 15PRO?

Which longarm machine is best? A frequent question I'm asked is how the Grace Qnique 19 longarm compares with the Qnique 15R and 15PRO. Learn how these longarm machines are different and what IS the most important thing to consider when purchasing your first longarm.

Quilting on a Hoop Frame Pro with a Janome 8200

I've recently moved my Janome 8200 to my Hoop Frame Pro to give me more space for quilting. See how much more I can quilt and what's changed in my quilting process in this free quilting video.

Loading a Quilt Diagonally on a Grace Hoop Frame

Learn how to hoop your quilt diagonally on the Q-Zone Hoop Frame. This is especially helpful when quilting diagonal or on-point patchwork designs.