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Hello My Quilting Friends! Podcast with Leah Day

Hello My Quilting Friends! This is a fun podcast hosted by Leah Day all about quilting, running a creative business, and balancing life, work, family, and creative play. 

Click on the links below to find the show notes for each episode:

139. Mally the Maker chapter 3 and Flood Update
138. Mally the Maker chapter 2 137. Mally the Maker chapter 1 136. 10 Tips for Working from Home with Kids
135. The Crisis by Thomas Paine 134. Video Podcast in Youtube 360 133. How to Say No
132. Stay Flexible 131. Make What You Love Now 130. Flooding Disaster
129. Stitching from Jail 128. Keep it Simple! 127. Crafting through a Limbo Time
126. What Will Change in Quilting in 10 Years? 125. Behind the Scenes Quilting Podcast 124. Focus on the Light Word of the Year
123. Living without Regrets and Making a Memory Quilt 122. How to Design a Goddess Quilt 121. Experience Vs. Stuff
120. Working through the Messy Middle of Quilting 119. Stitching Myself back Together 118. The Pros and Cons of Piecing with Precuts
117. Make Your Dream Achievements Come True 116. How Long will This Quilt Take? 115. 10 Step Program for UFOs
114. Priority Is Singular. Focusing on 1 Goal. 113. Celebrating 10 Years in Business 112. Back from Vacation 
111. Unpacking from Quilt Fantastic 110. The Game of Perfection 109. A Short Story from Quilst
108. Organize and Decorate Your Sewing Space 107. 7 Reasons why I DO Want and Need a Longarm 106. Can I Become a One Project Person?
105. Timelapse Quilting with Todd DuBay 104. Painting My Rabbit Hutch 103. Meet Laura Hendrickson of the National Quilt Museum
102. Do You Ever Sleep? 101. Quilt Gaming and Start Quilting 100. Happy Episode 100!
99. Overcome Fear so You Can Create 98. Permission to Make What You MOST Need 97. National Quilt Museum CEO Frank Bennett
96. Creative Ways to Beat the Winter Blues 95. Learn from the Quilter on Fire 94. Clean Up to Be Creative
93. Fix Quilting Mistakes with Beth Collins 92. Rising to Unexpected Challenges 91. Quilt Blogging with Vicki Holloway
90. Tracing a New Goddess Quilt 89. My Word of the Year for 2019 88. Hand Quilting since 1981
87. Quilting on Vinyl and Leather with Katie Baker 86. Be Open to Your Creativity 85. How to Quilt in a Tiny Space
84. Teaching Kids to Sew 83. Quilt Festival Recap 82. Pattern Writing in a Hurry
81. Hand Quilting and Reenacting at Hart Square 80. Crafty Cottage Chat 79. Hot Cast Perfectionist Goddess Quilt
78. Balancing a Creative Life with Emily King 77. Which to Buy, Midarm or Longarm? 76. How to Store and Hang Your Quilt
75. Name and Tag Your Quilts, Please 74. 5 Tips for Giving Quilts As Gifts 73. Emergence from Sinkhole Quilt Story
72. Lesson Learned from 9 Years in Business 71. Why Did This Quilt Take Four Years? 70. Why I Archived My Facebook Group
69.Healing Your Inner Negative Voice with Quilting 68. How to Win Ribbons at Quilt Shows 67. Scrubbing My Rusty Singer Machine
66. Can You Make Quilts from Bed Sheets? 65. Release Your Light Quilt Story 64.Treadle Sewing Machine Update
63. Torrent of Fear Quilt Story 62. Crochet, Watercolor Fun 61. Quilting Gratitude in Your Life
60. Whatever Quilting 59. Achieve Your Goals One Hour at a Time 58. Copyright Law with Heather Kubiak
57. Who Owns This Quilt? 56. Learn about Treadles with Cheryl Warren 55. Is This Quilt Cheating?
54. Quilt Photography with Brenda LaFleur 53. Scant Versus Quarter Inch Seams 52. 3 Step Quilt As You Go
51. Set and Reach Longterm Goals 50. Quilting and Copyright with Elizabeth Townsend 49. Teaching Online with Grace
48. Longarm Quilting with Mom and Pop Quilt Shop 47. No Sewing until You Quilt It with Ann Holmes 46. Interview with My Sister
45. Leah's on a Diet? 44. Piece and Quilt Precuts with Christa Watson 43. Is Basting Spray Bad for Quilts?
42. Longarm Quilting and Yoga 41. My Word for the Year 2018 40. Teaching Online with Melanie Ham
39. Is Polyester Thread Evil? 38. Business Transformation with Stephanie Soebbing 37. Prewashing Fabric: Quilting Debate
36. Quilt Market Recap 35. Is Starch Bad for Quilts?
33. Great Pressing Seams Debate 32. Teaching Quilting in Spanish 31. Etsy Success
30. Make Hoop Quilts with Anne Marie Chany 29. Love Yourself Quilting with Jennifer Farsh 28. Quilting Along with Margaret Leuwen
27. Running Two Quilt Shops with Amy Johnson 26. Online Teaching with Laura Coia 25. Graffiti Quilting with Karlee Porter
24. Sew Darn Cute Longarm Quilting 23. Writing Quilt Fiction 22. Quilt Pattern Writing
21. Podcasting with Modern Sewciety 20. Make a Monochromatic Quilt 19. Quilting with Jackie Kunkel
18. Designing Textiles with Leah Kabaker 17.Time Management with Vicki Holloway 16. Longarm Quilting with Julie Persinger
15. Free vs. Paid Quilt Patterns with Kate Colleran 14. Quilting Hobbyist 13. Affordable Quilting on a Longarm
12. Track Your Income 11. Finish Your Quilts 10. Beginner Quilting
9. How to Start Quilting with Leah Day 8. New Years Resolutions 2017 7. Quilting with Mary Fons
6. Fabric Design with Sandra Clemmons 5. Teaching Quilting Classes with Leah Day 4. Machine Embroidery with Patsy Thompson
3. Behind the Scenes of our Business with Josh Day 2. How to Make Decisions Based On Core Values 1. Traditional vs. Self Publishing with Christa Watson, Stephanie Palmer, and Leah Day

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