Hello My Quilting Friends! Podcast with Leah Day

Hello My Quilting Friends! is a fun podcast hosted by Leah Day all about quilting, running a creative business, and balancing life, work, family, and creative play. New episodes go live every other Saturday so you can listen while you quilt!

Listen to all the podcast episodes shared so far. This list will automatically update when new episodes go live:

Click on the links below to find the show notes for each episode:

25. Teaching Online with Laura Coia

24. Graffiti Quilting with Karlee Porter

23. Growing into Longarm Quilting with April Wells

22. Writing Quilt Fiction with Frances O'Roark Dowell

21. Quilt Pattern Writing with Sheri Cifaldi Morrill

20. Podcasting with Modern Sewciety host Stephanie Kendron

19. Make Monochromatic Quilts with Andi Stanfield

18. How Quilting Superwoman Jackie Kunkel Does it All!

17. Textile Design and Hobby Quilting with Leah Kabaker

16. Creative Time Management with Vicki Holloway

15. Running a Longarm Quilting Business with Julie Persinger

14. Free vs. Paid Quilt Patterns with Kate Colleran

13. Craft Love with Textile Artist Carrie Barraco

12. Affordable Quilting Frames Nathan Erznoznik of Grace Company

11. Track Your Income with Stephanie Soebbing

10. Finish Your Quilts with Patty Dudek

9. How to Start Quilting with Leah Day

8. New Years Resolutions

7. Quilting with Mary Fons

6. Fabric Design with Sandra Clemmons

5. Teaching Quilting Classes with Leah Day

4. Machine Embroidery with Patsy Thompson

3. Behind the Scenes of a Family Business with Josh Day

2. How to Make Better Decisions Based on Your Core Values

1. Traditional vs. Self Published Quilting Books with Christa Watson, Stephanie Palmer, and Leah Day.