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How to Piece Quarter Square Triangles, Leaf Peepers Week 4

Welcome back to the fourth week of the Leaf Peepers Quilt Along! Today we’re tackling the third leaf block in this quilt and I'm going to teach you how to piece Quarter Square Triangles. Learn how to piece this unique patchwork unit in this new quilting tutorial:

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Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern

Patchwork quilt piecing foot

1/4-inch Patchwork Foot

Leaf Peepers Fat Quarter Pack

Best Quilting Scissors Ever

Would you like to see Block 3 pieced step-by-step? Click Here to find Sheri's tutorial on how to piece this pretty leaf block.

How to Piece Quarter Square Triangle

The first step to creating quarter square triangles is to make a set of half square triangles. Click here to find my tutorial on how to piece two half square triangles at a time.

Quarter square triangle

The next step is to cut the half square triangles apart and carefully press the seam allowances open.

Quarter Square triangle quilting

Yes, I think it's necessary to press your seam allowances open, especially when piecing a precise unit like quarter square triangles. I first finger press the seam allowance open because this seam is running on the bias, or the stretchiest angle on the fabric. Be gentle finger pressing this seam open then press with a hot, dry iron.

Iron and press quilt block

Once the half square triangles have been pressed flat, layer the unit right sides together with the corresponding square to make your quarter square triangles. Yes, the extra square will be bigger than the half square triangle shape.

Mark a diagonal line from corner to corner, just like how you made the half square triangles to start

Leah Day quilt along Leaf Peepers

Now we’re going to repeat the steps to making half square triangles - simply stitch 1/4 inch on both sides of the marked line. I use a patchwork foot to make stitching exactly ¼-inch inch from the center line easier and faster.

Leah Day 2018 quilt along

Next cut along the diagonal marked line and gently finger press the seam allowances open to create two quarter square triangle shapes.

Cutting piecing quilt block

The last step to making quarter square triangles is a bit tricky. Carefully line up your ruler to trim the unit down precisely using the diagonal pieced lines as a guide. Take your time trimming the unit carefully so it finishes exactly the right size for your leaf block.

Leaf Peepers quilt block

Make sure to check out Sheri's video on how to piece with quarter square and half square triangles to create your third leaf peepers quilt block.

Have you missed a week or are you just finding these posts a bit late? Don’t worry! You can still join in the fun anytime and follow along. All you need is the Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern available here.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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