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Quilting with Rulers on the Leaf Peepers Quilt

Hello my leaf peeping friends! This week I am quilting more spaces in my leaf quilt blocks with simple curves and straight lines created with rulers. Learn how to quilt with rulers and find lots of tips on lining up the shapes and creating beautiful flowing texture on your quilt:

 Quick links to everything mentioned in this quilting tutorial:

Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern

Slice Quilting Ruler

Ruler Foot

Eversewn Sparrow Sewing Machine

Would you like to learn another way to quilt this quilt? Make sure to check out Sheri's tutorial to see how she quilted block #3 with easy walking foot quilting.

Quilting Curves in a “V” shaped space

I decided to quilt the large “V” shape in the first quilt block with gently curving lines using the mini slide ruler.

Leaf peepers

To begin, I just focused on quilting the lines and establishing the design through half of the space. Once I was at a point to stitch the entire the shape, I carefully aligned the ruler to create a symmetrical curve on both sides.

As you can see in the video, this was a little tricky to get lined up exactly right. Just take your time stitching the curving lines and using the ruler to space the designs.

You can also save time by stitching the lines further apart. If you leave ½ inch or ¾-inch of space between the lines, you will be reducing the number of lines you need to stitch significantly

I did speed up a lot once I finished quilting the “V” shaped spaces. Those were definitely more tricky than just the angular parallelograms made from the half square triangles in the leaves.

Autumn quilt

How to Quilt Straight Lines with Rulers

Quilting the straight lines was also very quick. I quilted to one side of the echo ditching then the other to leave a wider space between the lines right in the middle. As I said in the video leave the weirdness for the middle and it will end up looking good.

easy ruler quilt video

If you don't have a ruler or ruler foot, you can still quilt these designs on your quilt. You can mark the lines instead and quilt along them with normal free motion quilting or walking foot quilting.

Speaking of walking foot quilting, that’s how Sheri is quilting her entire Leaf Peepers Quilt! Click Here to find her tutorial on quilting Block 3.

Are you having fun making the Leaf Peepers quilt? Please send us a photo to share your beautiful design!

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day

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I am doing the free motion version of the quilting. I can’t see the detail of your suggestions for blocks two and three. Wil there be more next week? If not, is there a better idea close up photo please?
Thank you.

Ann Rowley,

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