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How to Piece a Leaf Quilt Block, Plus Bonus Design Tips

Hello My Leaf Peeping Friends! This week we are finishing up the piecing with the fourth leaf block so we can finish up the quilt top. First learn how to piece the prettiest red, orange and purple block with half and quarter square triangles in this new quilting tutorial:

Quick links to everything mentioned in this quilting tutorial:

Leaf Peepers Quilt Pattern

Patchwork quilt piecing foot

1/4-inch Patchwork Foot

Leaf Peepers Fat Quarter Pack


Isacord Thread Pumpkin

Sheri's also shared tips on basting your quilt on a small table. Click Here to find her tutorial.

How to Piece the Fiery Leaf Block

This leaf block is composed of lots of little shapes and the first step is to arrange all the units on a flat surface next to your machine. Make sure to check out the videos on how to piece half square triangles and quarter square triangles to help you create all of the units for this leaf block.

Leaf Peepers pieced block

The next step may seem a little silly, but I think it's very important to create a system for pinning the pieces together before sewing. I am very careful to flip the pieces and pin or clip them together the same way.

It doesn't matter how you do this, just make sure you’re being consistent. The last thing you want to do is piece units together along the wrong sides and have to rip them apart.

Machine quilt block

At the machine, piecing this block together will feel just like the other three blocks leaf blocks so far. Make sure to lower your stitch length to 1.5 mm and use a patchwork foot to help you stitch with an accurate seam allowance. Click Here to find tips on quilt piecing.

Pressing half square triangles

Once you get this block put together, give it and all your other blocks a final press. It’s time to stitch them together to create your Leaf Peepers quilt top!

Leaf Peepers quilt, wall hanging or table runner

There are two different versions of the top, depending on how you want to arrange your blocks and the size and shape of quilt you want to create.

If you arrange your blocks in a long vertical row, this will create a beautiful wall hanging or table runner. If you arrange the blocks in a square, this will create a cute 40-inch wall hanging or baby quilt.

Table runner quilt

Once you decide on the arrangement, piece them together and add the border strips according to the instructions in the quilt pattern.

The next step is to the east your quilt and get it ready for quilting!

Make sure to check out Sheri's tutorial on quilt basting to see how to securely baste the layers of your quilt together.

I’ve also created an extra video for you this week to guide you through the quilting design and getting prepared for the quilting process.

Watch this bonus video to see how I arranged my blocks and planned the quilting design using quilting rulers and free motion filler designs.

I also got ahead of the quilting prep by winding all the bobbins for this quilt for I took the first stitch

Click here to find all the colors of Isacord thread I'm using in this project: Brick, Buttercup, Pumpkin, and Pear.

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Hello Leah, hope Florence do not get too close by you , and you guys are ready for any eventuality hopefully without any major damage. Is there going to be new a video on how to put the blocks together with sashing, if not could you suggest what video can I use from your video library… thanking you and Sheri for your love of quilting.

Judy Barchi,

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