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Marvelous Mosaic Walking Foot Quilting Sampler Quilt

Marvelous Mosaic Walking Foot Quilting Sampler Quilt

Marvelous Mosaic is one of the biggest, brightest quilts in the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting.

marvelous mosaic walking foot quilting sampler quilt

Marvelous Mosaic Sampler Quilt
Finished Size: 56 x 70 inches

I designed this quilt to be a sampler for twenty walking foot quilting designs from the book. By stitching out the designs in large squares you can get the feel for walking foot quilting and how to hold and move your quilt before tackling a larger project.

Learn the basics of walking foot quilting in this quilting tutorial:

Ready to try out more walking foot quilting designs? You can follow along with all the quilting tutorials I've shared and quilt along with me! Click the images below to find the detailed quilting tutorials and stitch one design at a time in a large square to make this beautiful quilt:

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Marvelous Mosaic is a quilt-as-you-go project so the blocks are quilted first, then trimmed down to a set size before being bound together to create the finished quilt. Click Here to find a tutorial on Quilt As You Go and learn how this technique works.

Find the quilt pattern for Marvelous Mosaic so you can follow along! Find the pattern in the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day, available in the following formats: 

Explore Print Edition

Explore Ebook Edition

Explore Kindle Edition

Follow along and make your own Marvelous Mosaic Quilt! If you make this quilt, please contact us and send in a picture so we can add it here to this page.

Check out the other quilts included in the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day. All of these quilts were specifically designed to machine quilt on a home machine with a walking foot: 

walking foot quilt marvelous mosaic

Marvelous Mosaic Quilt

walking foot quilt hugs and kisses

Hugs and Kisses Quilt

walking foot baby quilt jelly town

Jelly Town
Baby Quilt

walking foot quilt rainbow log cabin

Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt

walking foot baby quilt prism path

Prism Path
Baby Quilt

walking foot quilt infinity knot

Infinity Knot Quilt

wholecloth quilt walking foot

Love the Light
Wholecloth Quilt

wholecloth quilt walking foot

Love the Light
Wholecloth Quilt

 We pieced and quilted Marvelous Mosaic, Prism Path, and the Rainbow Log Cabin quilt during the 2018 Walking Foot Quilt Along. Click Here to check out all the quilting tutorials to see how all three quilts were made.

Let's go quilt,

Leah Day


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Deborah Hutchinson,

I’m a quilting newbie! I really look forward in reading your book and watching your tutorial’s.

Traci Gardner,

That’s wonderful Darlene! No, you’re never too old to learn how to quilt your quilts and you can do it yourself! I’m so happy you found this quilt and will be giving it a try!

Leah Day,

I can not wait to try this. This will be my first QAYG. Hiring someone to quilt for me has just gotten so expensive,not that it’s not worth it I just can’t afford it.You are never to old to learn something new,even at 78.

Darlene Evans,

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