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Prism Path Baby Quilt from Explore Walking Foot Quilting

Prism Path Walking Foot Quilting Baby Quilt

Prism Path Baby Quilt
Finished Size: 36 x 46 inches

Prism Path is a fun baby quilt I first designed in 2014. I had a stack of bright batik fat quarters in rainbow colors and this seemed the perfect way to use up those fabrics and make a bright baby quilt.

But once I pieced the top, I hit the usual brick wall - how do I quilt it? There seemed so many ways I could tackle this pretty quilt top and I couldn't make up my mind how to finish it.

It took another two years before I pulled out that quilt top while writing Explore Walking Foot Quilting. Suddenly I could see how two simple walking foot quilting designs could transform this simple quilt from an unusable top to a finished, functional baby quilt.

Prism Path Baby Quilt Along

Ultimately this was the perfect baby quilt to include in the book Explore Walking Foot Quilting with Leah Day. If you’re intimidated by the larger quilts in the book, this small baby quilt is a great places to get started and you’ll learn the basics of Bargello style quilting as well.

During the Walking Foot Quilt Along, I shared six videos to guide you through piecing and quilting the Prism Path baby quilt. Watch the videos below and follow along anytime!

Follow along and make your own Prism Path quilt! If you make this quilt, please contact us and send in a picture so we can add it here to this page.

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We pieced and quilted Marvelous Mosaic, Prism Path, and the Rainbow Log Cabin quilt during the 2018 Walking Foot Quilt Along. Click Here to check out all the quilting tutorials to see how all three quilts were made.

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