Baste Your Quilt Kit

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Take the bummer out of basting! Secure your quilts quickly with the Baste Your Quilt Kit!

This thread stopper kit comes with:

100 Pack of Flower Head Pins - Not all flower pins are made equally, and most are too cheap and the flowers pop off after one use. This pack is much better, with large flowers heads that stay in place and give you extra leverage when inserting the pins into your quilt.

100 Pack of Pinmoors - These specially designed pin anchors are self healing so no matter how many times you insert pins into the end, they will hold tight and secure. The bright colors and shape are easy to see and handle, even if you have difficulty with your hands.

Learn how to baste your quilt with Pinmoors in this short video:

How much space will this kit baste?

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoors100 pins and Pinmoors will easily cover a small baby quilt (45" x 60") with the pins placed around 4-6 inches apart for security. So for the average full to queen sized quilt, you will need 4 sets of the Baste Your Quilt Kit.

Ask any number of quilters what their least favorite part of quilting is and it's usually basting - the process of layering the quilt top, batting, and backing fabric and securing them together before quilting.

But basting doesn't have to be a major bummer in your quilting journey! You can learn how to baste quickly and securely with pins and Pinmoors that are easy to insert and easy to remove as you quilt. 

The steps to basting are super simple with Pinmoors and Flower Pins:

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoors

1. Slightly bend the pin so it's easy to insert through the layers of your quilt.

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoors

2. Insert the pin into your quilt through all the layers, then back up again to the top.

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoors

3. Cap then end of the pin with a Pinmoor to secure it quickly.

Why is this basting method so much easier?

- Insert the straight pins easily into your quilt with no special tools and without damaging your hands.

- Cap the pins with Pinmoors to secure them in place. The special silicone material in the Pinmoor is self-healing so no matter how many times you use them, the Pinmoors will cap the pins and hold tight.

- Remove the pins easily as you quilt by tugging gently on the flower pin. The bright colors of the Pinmoors stand out so you see them clearly on the quilt surface.

- No basting spray means no harmful chemicals or strong odors in your home.

Pinmoor Color Notice:

We carry Pinmoors because they're an awesome tool for basting quilts quickly and easily; however, we've had trouble keeping this item in stock in one set color.

We've decided to fix this problem by ordering an assortment of Pinmoor colors: white, yellow, green, red, purple, orange, blue, and pink. When you order Pinmoors, you may receive any one of the following packs of colors:

basting a large quilt | basting with pinmoors
Please note that it is not possible to request a specific color.

We never know what will be available to ship and would prefer not to delay your order over the color of this item. Keep in mind that all Pinmoors work wonderfully no matter what color they are!