Sewing Machine Foot Set

$ 25.00 


Expand your machine's capability with EIGHT special feet!

The number one reason why you can't sew, piece, or quilt something special is you don't have the right foot for the job. This 8-piece Sewing Machine Foot Set comes with the following special feet:

1/4 inch Patchwork Foot

Walking Foot

Invisible Zipper Foot

Roller Foot

Open Toe Applique Foot

Pintuck Foot

Overlock Foot

Teflon Foot

Learn about the many feet included in the Low Shank Foot Set in this video:

Will these feet fit on your machine?

All of the feet included in this set are called "low shank" which refers to a universal size that fits most inexpensive sewing machines. If your machine comes with a snap-on foot attachment, chances are this foot set will fit your machine.

How do you know if you own a low shank machine?

low shank sewing machine footRemove the foot from your machine and measure the distance from the surface of the machine to the top of the foot screw hole. If this measurement is 3/4 inch your machine is low shank.

Another way to check your machine compatibility is to Google it! Google the name and model number of your machine and "shank" to find more information (example: Juki Exceed F400 shank).

Note: Bernina machines are not compatible with the low shank foot set.

Due to the huge volume of sewing machines, we are not able to provide advice about your machine's compatibility. Please measure your machine, search online, and check with your dealer for help.

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