Free Motion Quilting Design Gallery: 201 - 300 Designs

Quilting a King on Your Home Machine

Yes, there are even more designs from the Free Motion Quilting Project! This was a challenge I began in 2009, and I'm still sharing new quilting tutorials each week. Below you will find links to designs 201 - 300. Simply click on the image or name to pop to the blog and learn how to quilt that design.

Please help support this growing gallery of beautiful, creative designs! Quilting a King on Your Home Machine is a workshop I taught that will prove you don't need a huge quilting machine to quilt a big quilt. You can quilt any sized quilt you like on the machine you own right now. Join me for this online quilting class and I'll show you how! Click Here to learn more about quilting a king.

Designs 0-100 Designs 101-200 Designs 201-300 Designs 301-400 Designs 401-500
Walking Foot Building Blocks Sunshine Surprise Flower Festival Dancing Butterfly

 Web Fill quilting design

Web Fill

 how to quilt bed of roses

Bed of Roses

 How to quilt Flowing Lines

Flowing Lines

 how to quilt spiral illusion

Spiral Illusion

 machine quilting gyro circles

Gyro Circles

pebble loop quilt design 

Pebble Loop

 snake paisley machine quilting design

Snake Paisley

 strange flower quilt design

Strange Flower

 venn diagram quilt design

Venn Diagram

sharp angled maze machine quilting design

Sharp Angled Maze

jagged plain quilting design

Jagged Plain

cs and es quilting video

C's and E's

confused spiral quilting design

Confused Spiral

ocean current machine quilting design

Ocean Currents

sharp stippling quilting video

Sharp Stippling

atomic flower home machine quilting

Atomic Flower

sand dollar home machine quilting

Sand Dollar

how to quilt flaming paisley

Flaming Paisley

raw cotton machine quilting

Raw Cotton

bow tie parade quilt design

Bow Tie Parade

how to quilt maelstrom


cave points quilt design

Cave Points

free motion quilt design water plants

Water Plants

free motion quilting design cobwebs

Cobwebs in the Corners

echo arches machine quilt design

Echo Arches

layered flower quilt design 

Layered Flower

free motion quilting design tangled snakes 

Tangled Snakes

echo crosses home machine quilting

Echo Crosses

loose weave home machine quilting

Loose Weave

how to quilt drop art

Drop Art

machine quilting video feathered hearts

Feathered Hearts

poisedons eye quilt design

Poseidon's Eye

machine quilt zap flower

Zap! Flower

free motion quilt design spinning daisy

Spinning Daisy

heart ripples machine quilting design ideas

Heart Ripples

josh's ladders free motion quilting design

Josh's Ladders

spiral boomerang quilting video

Spiral Boomerangs

whirlpools quilting design


flame ray flower quilting video

Flame Ray Flower

wormhole machine quilting design

Worm Hole

machine quilt globes of matrix

Globes of Matrix

free motion quilting heart flow

Heart Flow

skeleton flower machine quilting design

Skeleton Flower

aztec path quilting design

Aztec Path

 graffiti art quilting video

Graffiti Art

grass channel free motion quilting design

Grass Channel

grafitti art quilting design

Graffiti Art Curved

electric paisley quilting design

Electric Paisley

 how to quilt pipe maze

Pipe Maze

machine quilting video sun flower 

Sun Flower

hot candy free motion quilting design 

Hot Candy

woven lines free motion quilting

Woven Lines

how to quilt java stitch

Java Stitch

machine quilting sun medallion

Sun Medallion

falling stars quilting design

Falling Stars

butterfly filler quilting design video

Butterfly Filler

echo shortcut free motion quilting design

Echo Shortcut

machine quilting video wiggly woven lines

Wiggly Woven Lines

landscape stitch free motion quilting

Landscape Stitch

leaf filler free motion

Leaf Filler

blowing wind machine quilting design

Blowing Wind

butterfly feather free motion quilting design

Butterfly Feathers

freemotion quilting design checkerboard

Psychedelic Checkerboard

quilting design ideas icicle lights

Icicle Lights

patchwork farmland quilting design

Patchwork Farmland

sea oat flower design

Sea Oat Flower

lollipop flower quilt design

Lollipop Flower

butterfly feather flower free motion quilting design

Butterfly Feather Flower

sea weed flower quilt design

Sea Weed Flower

grandaddy longlegs quilting design

Granddaddy Longlegs

triangle starships free motion quilt design

Triangle Starships

seashells and waves machine quilting design

Sea Shells & Waves

heart confetti quilt video

Heart Confetti

how to quilt double matrix

Double Matrix

ball bearings home machine quilting

Ball Bearings

eyeballs free motion quilt design 

Eye Balls

 how to quilt rockin


 how to quilt feather fans

Feather Fans

how to quilt complex feather

Complex Feather

rattlesnake free motion quilting design 


 how to quilt calm sea

Calm Sea

 how to quilt echo maze

Echo Maze

 how to quilt starry sky

Starry Sky

 how to quilt double stippling

Double Stippling

how to quilt storm of palms

Storm of Palms

how to quilt cogs


how to quilt swirling spheres

Swirling Spheres

star flower machine quilting video

Star Flower

how to quilt lightning pizza

Lightning Pizza

how to quilt zig zag fern

Zigzag Fern

Monster Teeth

how to quilt deco planks

Deco Planks

how to quilt pointy maze

Pointy maze

machine quilt spiral curtain

Spiral Curtain

machine quilt escalator spiral

Escalator Spiral

machine quilt dandelion

Dandelion Puff

machine quilt sharp swirling water

Sharp Swirling Water

machine quilting video Star Flower Flow

Star Flower Flow

machine quilting video delicate petal flower

Delicate Petal Flower

machine quilting video edge of reality

Edge of Reality

Designs 0-100 Designs 101-200 Designs 201-300 Designs 301-400 Designs 401-500