Free Motion Quilting Design Gallery: 301 - 400 Designs

Leah Day and James before blogIn 2009, I created a blog with a really long name that was eventually shortened to the Free Motion Quilting Project. My original goal was to share 365 free motion quilting filler designs in one year, with a new quilting video and photos shared daily.

My main goal was to quilt every day. I was 25 years old at the time and my son was just 2 and I wanted a reason to sit down at my machine every day and finally get the hang of free motion quilting.

No, the first videos aren't perfect, but I saw an enormous change in my quilting ability over that year!

I've now shared nearly 500 quilting designs in quilting tutorials for you to enjoy. Click the links below to find designs 301 - 400. Please spread the word about this quilting design resource! We love it when you share these quilting videos and tutorials with your friends.

Designs 0-100 Designs 101-200 Designs 201-300 Designs 301-400 Designs 401-500
Walking Foot Building Blocks Sunshine Surprise Flower Festival Dancing Butterfly

root pockets free motion quilting design

Root Pockets

free motion design barrier reef

Barrier Reef

how to quilt tropical flower

Tropical Flower

machine quilting video spiral paisley

Spiral Paisley

line fern home machine quilting

Line Fern

ebbing tide home machine quilting design

Ebbing Tide

jagged lines free motion quilting design

Jagged Lines

machine quilt pom pom parade

Pom Pom Parade

 free motion quilting creative flames

Creative Flames

flaming sun home machine quilting

Flaming Sun

 pebble ripples quilting design

Pebble Ripples

channel weave quilting design

Channel Weave

quilting design feather snail

Feather Snail

cubic ripples quilting design

Cubic Ripples

 how to quilt jellyfish


 star flower bands quilting design

Star Flower Bands

munch munch munch quilting design ideas

Munch Munch Munch

paint squirt flower quilting design

Paint Squirt Flower

quilting design moon feathers

Moon Feathers

echo feathers quilting design

Echo Feathers

double sharp stippling free motion quilting design

Double Sharp Stippling

spiral mess home machine design

Spiral Mess

wavy hair quilting design

Wavy Hair

echo feather flower quilting video

Echo Feather Flower

 wind stitch quilting design

Wind Stitch

 how to quilt hosta leaves

Hosta Leaves

 topographic map quilting design

Topographic Map

 triangle universe quilt design video

Triangle Universe

 how to quilt hearts and spirals

Hearts & Spirals

quilting design super star

Super Star

 lightbulb leaf quilting video

Light Bulb Leaf

pea gravel path quilting video

Pea Gravel Path

quilting video stone portals

Stone Portals

how to quilt channels and paths

Channels & Paths

home machine quilting spike paisley

Spike Paisley

quilting video square spiral flow

Square Spiral Flow

shell fan quilting video

Shell Fan

fiddlehead fern quilt design video

Fiddlehead Fern

free motion quilting crazy weave

Crazy Weave

quilting video wiggly tentacles

Wiggly Tentacles

cracked paisley free motion quilting design

Cracked Paisley

quilting video sawblades


 pebbled daisy home machine quilting

Pebbled Daisy

feather loops quilting video

Feather Loops

how to quilt pattern fern

Pattern Fern

quilting video electric storm

Electric Storm

 super circuit board quilting design

Super Circuit Board

spiral knots free motion design

Spiral Knots

pebble hearts design video

Pebble Heart

 free motion quilting design tornadoes


cyber echo quilting video

Cyber Echo

how to quilt woven flower

Woven Flower

 cube storm free motion quilting design

Cube Storm

 quilting design video railroad tracks

Railroad Tracks

 meditation medallion quilting video

Meditation Medallion

 machine quilting video feather band

Feather Band

machine quilting video deco leaves

Deco Leaves

lollipop free motion quilting design

Lollipop Echo

flame turns machine quilting video

Flame Turns

 machine quilting video blackhole matrix

Blackhole Matrix

daisy flow home machine quilting design

Daisy Flow

 brittle starfish machine quilting video

Brittle Starfish

 feather leaves free motiong quilting design

Feather Leaves

 flowing leaves quilting design

Flowing Leaves

 infinity tree machine quilting video

Infinity Tree

Flaming Cocoon
Zippling Loopy Line Zen Breaks
Bare Branches Heart Scramble Heart Burn
Electric Love Heart Maze Lava Paisley
Trapped Paisley Lost Data Pod Quilting
Spiral Ornaments Starry Mess Echo Edge Stitching
Zigzag Spiral Wiggle Wiggle Spiral Hot Hot Spiral
Loopy Doopy Spiral Cyber Spiral Jagged Scribble
Connecting Ocean Currents Inside the Sun Ribbon Stage
Cobblestone Permed Fern Foundation Puzzle
Lava Rocks Basic Maze Universe Spiral
Little Tongues Bloody Sawblades Happy Stitch
Pearled Feather


Designs 0-100 Designs 101-200 Designs 201-300 Designs 301-400 Designs 401-500